shelfie sunday
Shelfie Sunday is a feature I thought of for Love thy Shelf. I love re-organizing my shelves and grouping them by similar topics or genres (for example: favorites, angels, and mythology). On Sundays, I’ll be putting up a picture of a group of books on my shelf that correspond to a particular topic.


#(f)mcm or (Fictional) Man Crush Monday is an original Love thy Shelf feature that I created and I am so excited about . This will be just like the well-known hashtag with a bookish twist. Let’s all face it. We have that fictional boyfriend that we wish were our real life boyfriend for many reasons. Now here’s our chance to voice them!

month in review

Month in Review (previously Weekly Round Up) is a feature that I’ll be doing at the end of each month. On those days, I will be posting an update on the book(s) that I’ve read and bought during the month! Along with that, I’ll have a summary of the posts within the month.

book talk

Book Talk (previously called Bookish Ramblings) occur randomly, whenever I want or need to discuss a book-related topic!


Kiss-Marry-Kill (KMK) is a feature done in Love thy Shelf where you are given 3 fictional characters and from the choices, you have to choose one to kiss, marry, and kill. It’s a lot harder than it sounds — trust me!

teaser thursday

Teaser Thursday is a recently added feature. I’ve done teasers for authors before and cover reveals but never officially put it under a specific name. Enter Teaser Thursday! The original feature is Teaser Tuesday but since I participate in a Tuesday meme, I wanted it to have its own day.

tumblr thursday

Tumblr Thursday brings Tumblr and my book blog together. I will be posting funny or book relevant posts on that day! You can find me on tumblr at http://www.lovethyshelf.tumblr.com

a day in the life

A Day in the Life is my very own section where I talk about life. It will be the more personal aspect of my blog where it won’t necessarily be talking about books. It will probably be me asking for some advice from you guys ha.

Features that I Participate in:


Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and The Bookish. Each week features a different top ten list to answer! If you can’t think of 10, do as many as you can. Click on their link or on the meme image to find out more about Top Ten Tuesday and the topics.

waiting on wednesday

Waiting on Wednesday is a meme originally created by Jill at Breaking the Spine! Each week you are to spotlight a book with an upcoming release date!

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