Teaser Thursday | A Tangled Web by M.L. Sparrow

teaser thursdayWhen I first started my blog, I never imagined that I would ever get this far. In a month or so, this blog will be running for two years! Along with that, I never thought that I would actually have followers, much less authors or publishers contacting me and asking me to review their books. M.L. Sparrow, author of Ghetto, The Demon Inside, and No Rest for the Wicked, was one of the authors that first contacted me. I am extremely lucky and grateful for her consideration. I have enjoyed all of her books and I am so excited to be giving you all a teaser for another one of her works, this time a short novella called A Tangled Web.


A Tangled Web by M.L Sparrow

Expected Publication: February 1st, 2017

Click here to purchase a copy of A Tangled Web.


Japan, 2011

Taiyo is a normal high-school girl living with her Grandmother in Sendai. She goes to school, partakes in club activities and hangs out with her two best friends, twin brothers Ryuu and Kairi. However, her perfect world is shattered when she begins dating Kairi but quickly discovers she’s already in love with Ryuu.

A tangled web of lies surrounds the pair, but everything is suddenly knocked into perspective on March 11th when they are caught up in a natural disaster that devastates the country and robs thousands of their homes, their possessions and their lives…



Everything was perfect until the ground began to shake. There was no warning. The warning system on their mobiles didn’t begin to sound until after it had begun.

Jishin!” people shouted above the low, grumbling roar beneath them. Earthquake.

A red car skidded into a blue one at the top of the road, both of them trembling and bouncing.

Dropping her school bag, she grabbed Ryuu’s hand and tried not to fall. He dropped into a crouch to keep his balance, taking her down with him. She kept thinking it would be over in a minute, but it never seemed to end. Someone screamed and across the street a man lost his footing and fell to his knees. A crack appeared in the pavement, inching towards them. They scrambled away and her heart jumped in her chest as the road split open.

Roof tiles rained down, shattering on the ground and another crack appeared, this time in the wall of a small shop. Dust and plaster billowed from the crack and the wall began to buckle.

Taiyo didn’t know how long it lasted, it must have been minutes at least, but it finally subsided to a shivering tremble before petering off all together. Everyone looked around, holding perfectly still, afraid to move.

“That was a big one,” a lady near them, clutching a little boy, said fearfully, glancing in the direction of the sea, “should we move to higher ground?” Around the coast there was always the risk of a tsunami after an earthquake and they’d learnt about their country’s devastating history with the huge waves in school.

“It’s all right, the seawalls will protect us,” someone else answered.

Taiyo glanced at Ryuu nervously. In turn, he looked around at the locals, many of whom were gathering in little clusters.

Anxiously she bit her lip, her stomach twisting itself into knots; something didn’t feel right. Like all Japanese people, she was used to earthquakes, however, she couldn’t remember ever experiencing one quite like that.

Several people rushed into houses and reappeared with bags, chivvying along children or their elderly parents, before getting into their cars and driving away, but the majority of people remained.

A few houses and shops had crumbled, but looking around no one that she could see appeared to be seriously hurt. One man had been hit by a falling roof tile and was bleeding from a gash to his forehead. Sitting on the pavement, he was being attended to by neighbours.

It looked like the worst was over, but then someone shouted and they all turned to look out over the grey-blue sea. At first Taiyo didn’t know what she was seeing, but then the breath caught in her lungs.

The alarms began to blare.



M L Sparrow is currently the author of four full length novels, a novella and a slew of short stories published in various anthologies. She will write pretty much anything that pops into her head, no matter the genre, and enjoys keeping her readers guessing as to what she will write next, though you can pretty much guarantee that there will be some degree of romance!

As well as writing, she enjoys travelling and has been to some amazing countries, where she never fails to gather inspiration and has an endless supply of ideas for future novels…

Find her on: Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter | M.L. Sparrow

Don’t forget to get your copy of A Tangled Web here on February 1st, 2017!


Best of 2016

book talk

Hey there book fam! Happy New Year’s Eve! I hope all of you had a wonderful, book-filled year. I also hope you guys are having a great time during the holidays with your books, tea, family, and friends! I feel like I totally failed in the blogging aspect of my life this year — I didn’t even celebrate my blog’s first year (yikes!). No worries though, there will be more years to come and blogging more will be in my New Year’s resolution. Do you guys set up resolutions? Anyway, I wanted to talk today about the  best things that happened this year and the best books I read. I didn’t get to read as many books as I wanted to because I was really busy but I still did achieve my Goodreads goal of 30 books by reading 48! Unfortunately, I haven’t caught up to all the reviews haha #bookwormproblems. I wrote summaries for you guys about the book and I’m pretty bad at writing them. I promise you the books were good even if my summaries were not. Either way, I put in a link for goodreads!



10. The Mistletoe Promise by Richard Paul Evans – This was my first Christmas themed book that I’ve ever read and it really surprised me. The story is about Elise, who was cheated and left by her ex-husband. Christmas hasn’t been fun since. A stranger comes up to her, who is also tired of spending Christmas alone, offers a proposition: they pretend to be a couple until Christmas Eve.


9. White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout: I absolutely love everything that JLA writes and this was no different. Layla wants to be normal, which is hard for someone who is half gargoyle, half demon. She has been raised by the Wardens – basically super gargoyles that kill demons – where she’s crushing on Zayne who is off-limits because she’s not full gargoyle. Then one day she meets the demon Roth … who makes her question everything she’s  believed in.

the way i used to be

8. The Way I Used to Be by Amber Smith: If you want to read something that will emotionally scar you, this is it. Told in segments of Eden’s four years of high school, you read about her struggle after being raped by her brother’s best friend (practically family). Seriously, get the tissues.


7. The Way to Game the Walk of Shame by Jenn P. Nguyen: What a fun book. It was pretty predictable but I didn’t care. It was a fluffy, light read. Taylor, the almost valedictorian in the school that many can’t stand, wakes up next to Evan after took many drinks at a party. Evan is the school’s playboy and everyone is more than ready to spread gossip and tear down Taylor’s reputation. So Taylor hatches a plan for Evan to be her fake boyfriend so instead of being another one of Evan’s conquest, she would be the one that got the playboy to be in a serious relationship.

wrath and dawn

6. The Wrath & The Dawn by Renee Ahdieh: I finally read this and I was so happy! It is a retelling of A Thousand and One Nights. Khalid is the ruler of Khorasan and is responsible for the murder of many women. Every day he marries a girl and the next, she would be dead. The only difference is that this time, he killed Shahrzad’s best friend … and she wants revenge so she volunteers to be his next wife.

me before you

5. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. O.M.G. Stop what you’re doing and pick up this book. Louisa, who really needs a job, becomes the caretaker for Will Traynor who was injured in a motorbike accident that left him in a wheel chair and quadriplegic. After reading it, watch the movie because Sam Claflin *cries*.

ps i like you

4. P.S. I Like You by Kasie West: So I basically binge read all of West’s books in January 2016 and was more than excited to read this. I was so not disappointed! Lily, trying to survive her chemistry class, writes the lyrics of one of her favorite bands on the desk. Next class, someone else continues the lyrics. This eventually leads to them writing letters to each other but Lily doesn’t know who is writing back to her.

things we know by heart

3. Things We Know By Heart by Jessi Kirby: This book broke me. I was crying all the time. My emotions were everywhere. Quinn’s boyfriend, Trent, dies in a tragic accident and his organs are donated. All but one of the donor recipients have contacted her and had given her a sense of closure. All of them except the one who received Trent’s heart. Quinn desperately needs to know if Trent’s heart went to the right person, she goes to seek the recipient out, without his permission.

ember in the ashes

2. An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir: Wow, just wow. It was dark and compelling. Just so amazing. The story surrounds Laia, a slave, and Elias, a soldier, but neither is free. Laia is a Scholar and after witnessing the murder of her grandparents and the imprisonment of her brother, she runs to the rebels to help her find her brother. They are willing to help if she infiltrates the empire military academy and spy for them. There she meets Elias who wants to escape the violence and control of the academy run by his mother who basically hates him.


1. A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas: If had to remember 2016 by, it would be this book. I read this book 3 times last year. THREE! I loved it way too much. ACOMAF continues where ACOTAR left off with Feyre trying to accustom to life as Fae and trying to bury the memories of Under the Mountain with Amarantha. So she focuses on her upcoming wedding to Tamlin as she waits for Rhysand to call in the bargain that helped her survive in the previous book.

What were your favorite reads of 2016? Let me know below!


Reading for Gold!!

book talk

It is officially Wednesday! You know what that means?! A couple of things actually. (1) A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir is officially released! Happy Book Birthday! It’s been one of my most anticipated releases this past month. (2) Empire of Storms (Throne of Glass #5) by Sarah J. Maas will be released in a little under a week! That’s huge! (3) Today marks the official end of my Reading Decathlon! If you want more information on that, click here. Being the dedicated reader that I am, there was no way I was settling for less than gold. Getting gold meant that you had the authority to smack talk about your awesome reading skills — just kidding, stay humble. Gold means that you read 10 novels in 10 days or less! If you’re reading this post then it means that I did it! I got that gold!!


Going for gold (1)

10 books — 4,064 pages — 10 days


I absolutely enjoyed this reading decathlon! I’ve never participated in one like it. I did question if I could do it because my life is already busy as it is. I did a lot of planing before I started. I picked books that I was dying to read and I tried to pick a long series. My main fear was that I would hit a book hangover in the middle of it all. I did but fortunately, it didn’t last too long. I pushed through it. I compiled a list of books and added extra just in case I wanted to switch them out. I had my little steno notebook where I planned it all and each time I finished a book, I wrote bullet notes to help me write my review later. That’s right — expect a plethora of book reviews to come haha. I’m actually really scared about writing the book reviews. There will be so many!

The best thing about this was that I was reading all the time! The worst thing was that … I was reading all the time haha. I mean it wasn’t too bad but let me explain. I started off really strong at first, reading 3 books on the first day. I had worked a 12 hour shift at the hospital on Saturday and stayed up until midnight to start reading. I ended up finishing a book and reading half of another. I went to sleep that day around 6am … after being up for 24 hours. I was exhausted. I woke up around 11am and then read the rest of the book and finished another. I barely got up from my seat. I ate only one meal. I barely drank water. Hardly touched my phone. See why it was pretty bad? Haha. I eased up after that because I was getting delirious sitting in one spot for hours on end.

In the end, I would totally do this again! It was a lot of fun and tweeting about it to Epic Reads — well, they cheered me on. My family and friends all thought I was crazy but hey, what’s new? All of them, however, were really impressed that I challenged myself to do this AND that I actually did it. I don’t know what I’ll be doing now with the extra time … probably catching up on all my reviews. Ha! Good thing Clockwork Prince and A Court of Thorns and Roses were rereads for me. They won’t be so hard to review!


Epic Reads Reading Decathlon!

Hey book fam! In the midst of my crazy busy life, I decided to make it even crazier by taking part of Epic Reads’s Reading Decathlon. Unless you live under a rock, you probably know that the Olympics in Rio is just about wrapping up. (GO USA!!) To be honest, I didn’t watch a lot of it just the women’s gymnastics & volleyball and the men’s tennis & swimming. It was really amazing seeing all these countries competing. So Epic Reads has their own kind of decathlon — without the athleticism!



For more information about the decathlon visit their site or just click here. If you know me at all, you’d know that I’m going for gold! #readingforgold. I am so excited, these next 10 days will be like heaven … well sort of because school starts up again AND I’m working in the middle of this. I’ve planned the books that I’ll read these 10 days but that’s as sure as my usual TBR hahah.

Are you joining in? Going for Gold, too?  Maybe we can cheer each other on! What books are you planning to read?


Blog Update!



Hey book family! I just wanted to update you guys real quick about my blog. You might have already seen it but I am in the middle of changing my theme and color schemes. Some parts of my blog have already been updated. I am still working hard on the other changes. I started this blog over a year ago (around February and March) and ever since then it has always functioned as a book blog. I’ve been going over it for a while now and I would really like my blog to showcase other areas in my life.

Love thy Shelf will still primarily be a book blog and I will still put up book reviews, participate in memes such as Top Ten Tuesday and continue the memes I have created on my blog, like #(f)mcm. It’s not all finalized but I wanted to add more movie reviews, perhaps even reviews on TV shows that I am watching. Along with that, I wanted to post on food, crafts, nutrition & exercise, and other aspects of life. So please bear with me as Love thy Shelf goes through these changes.

I also would like to thank the book blogging community for being so amazing! Thanks for all the follows, likes, comments, and support from you all. When I first started this blog, I never thought that it would go anywhere, much less make some wonderful friends out of it! You guys have made it all worthwhile. Stay awesome!


Cover Redesign Reveal of Ghetto by M. L. Sparrow

book talk

Hello all! I am so excited today because M.L. Sparrow’s novel Ghetto got a new cover and I’m showing it to you all!! I read Ghetto a couple of months ago and I fell in love with the world that she created. You can read my review here.

Ghetto is a YA novel set in a futuristic world where technology has advanced to a whole new level. People are split into Classes. Any illness can be cured with a single shot of a miracle medicine called All-Cure and everyone is Branded at birth in an attempt to cut out crime.


Ghetto Blurb:

My name’s Sunny Grace Beaumont. Only child, self-taught computer geek and cancer survivor. Oh, and did I mention my dad’s the President? As you can imagine that’s sometimes a little problematic, especially when I want to sneak out. But it never got me into quite as much trouble as the night I ventured into the Ghetto – don’t ask me why I was there in the first place… it was stupid. Everyone knows that the Ghetto is where hardened criminals are sent to live out the remainder of their lives. At first the men that kidnap me are just as I’d imagine, mean and thoughtless, but slowly I begin to have doubts.

I meet a guy. His name’s Sin, he has no Brand – a crime punishable by death – and he’s the rebel leader. I should hate him… but I don’t. Instead he opens my eyes to a whole other side of the Ghetto, where people are innocent of the crimes they’re accused of and helpless children suffer dreadful poverty. Is it possible that I’ve been lied to my entire life… that the governments been deceiving everyone? And how can I challenge the law my own dad is adamant to uphold? 

If you’d like more information on the author, her books, and would like to contact her, you can visit her site here. You can also find her on Goodreads.


Book Talk: Shadowhunters, ACOMAF, & Snape

book talk

Good evening! We’re almost at the end of the week and I hope you’re having a great one! Today, I wanted to talk about a couple of things that happened this week. If you didn’t know, Freeform (formerly ABC Family) premiered the first episode of Shadowhunters based on popular book series The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare this past Tuesday (01/12). Earlier today, two things happened: (1)  Bloomsbury released the cover of the highly anticipated sequel of A Court of Thorns and Roses and (2) the confirmed passing of the beloved actor who portrayed professor Severus Snape in the Harry Potter film series.

Shadowhunters Mini Review


If you haven’t read City of Bones by Cassandra Clare, then I totally recommend it. The series was a fun read and had some great twists. A couple of years ago (or was it last year?) City of Bones was adapted as a film and despite a large fan base following, it didn’t perform as well as we wanted. However, this past year, it was greenlighted to be adapted as a TV Series titled Shadowhunters with a completely new cast and new script. I watched the premiere the day that it was released and I had pretty low expectations because I was not a fan of the movie adaptation and I wasn’t too fond of the new casting. I really liked the actors in the film that portrayed Clary, Izzy, Alec, Luke, and Magnus.

I tried to keep my mind open to the new cast and to be honest, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! So I guess, that’s a good thing haha. It’s not an exact adaptation of the book and they did change certain aspects and certain personalities. For example, Luke doesn’t own a bookstore in the show. Instead, they made him a police officer. They also changed Dorothea into a younger warlock by the name of Dot. Along with that, they added extra scenes that occurred outside of Clary’s point of view in the book. I welcomed those scenes because it totally helps out the non-readers get a firmer grasp of the story and the characters.

I also saw the second episode because it was available on the Freeform App. I think that the storyline is more or less going great and it’s hooking me in. I believe that the biggest hurdle that the show faces is the acting. My biggest peeve came with Katherine McNamara’s performance. Her portrayal of Clary was pretty straightforward but certain scenes caused me to cringe because of her acting. Hopefully it’s something that improves as the series progresses. I absolutely love Dominic Sherwood as Jace, more than Jamie Campbell Bower for sure! I love that his wit and egotism showed in the first episode but I felt like he was a bit too nice compared to the Jace we read in the books haha. Also, don’t get me started on how gorgeous he and Matthew Daddario (Alec) are! I’m also not completely sold on Emeraude Toubia as Izzy and Harry Shum Jr as Magnus.

What did you think of the Shadowhunters premiere? Are you going to stick with it or ditch it? Did you like the changes or hated them? What do you think of the cast?


A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas Cover Reveal


Ooh! Look at the beauty!! I love the color (blue is my favorite if you didn’t know). Feyre looks like she’s about to get in a fight haha. Maybe she’s about to slap the crap out of Rhysand, which wouldn’t exactly be surprising considering the events in ACOTAR haha. I really hope that SJM starts to give us some teasers for the book. May cannot come soon enough! A Court of Mist and Fury will be released on May 3, 2016!

What do you think of the cover???


Alan Rickman passes away at 69

alan rickman

Today is an absolutely tragic day for fans of Harry Potter and actor Alan Rickman. I believe I saw that he died from cancer and I am beyond sad upon hearing the news. He was such an amazing actor and it was because of his portrayal of Professor Severus Snape that made me love the character even more. I was really sad when I opened my Instagram this morning at work and saw the news. I literally teared up at work. It’s never an easy thing losing a family member and I just hope that his family have some peace during such a hard time.


Cover Reveal: No Rest for the Wicked by M. L. Sparrow

Hello bookworms! I hope all is well! I haven’t been posting for a while since work has kept me busy but today I’ve got a treat for you! I am doing a cover reveal of M.L. Sparrow’s upcoming novel No Rest for the Wicked, which will be out December 1st, 2015! M.L. Sparrow is such a wonderful writer and her previous books, Demon Inside and Ghetto, were both so fantastic! If you haven’t read her books before, I recommend them!

No Rest for the Wicked by M. L. Sparrow

No Rest for the Wicked Blurb:

When a rich gentleman finds a beautiful young woman lying in the snow, on the brink of death, he takes her back to his house and, when she has recovered, employs her as a maid. Immediately Elira realizes that Anthony Luther is no ordinary man and nothing about the house she now lives in is as it seems, for Anthony is a powerful wizard.

Inexplicably drawn together, they begin a tentative romance, but it’s not Elira’s uncertainties and the rules of upper-class society which drive a wedge between them; rivalries and a precious family heirloom, a priceless necklace of unforeseen power handed down through generations, threaten not only the couple’s happiness, but also their lives and the safety of the people around them

No Rest for the Wicked will be released on December 01, 2015. I will be posting teasers as the release date gets nearer!

If you’d like more information on the author, her books, and would like to contact her, you can visit her site here. You can also find her on Goodreads.