Review & Reading Playlist | Adorkable – Cookie O’Gorman



Adorkable by Cookie O’Gorman

332 pages
Published: March 31,  2016 
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance


Adorkable (ah-dor-kuh-bul): Descriptive term meaning to be equal parts dorky and adorable.

For reference, see Sally Spitz. Seventeen-year-old Sally Spitz is done with dating. Or at least, she’s done with the horrible blind dates/hookups/sneak attacks her matchmaking bestie, Hooker, sets her up on. There’s only so much one geek girl and Gryffindor supporter can take.

Her solution: she needs a fake boyfriend. And fast. Enter Becks, soccer phenom, all-around-hottie, and Sally’s best friend practically since birth. When Sally asks Becks to be her F.B.F. (fake boyfriend), Becks is only too happy to be used. He’d do anything for Sal–even if that means giving her PDA lessons in his bedroom, saying she’s “more than pretty,” and expertly kissing her at parties. The problem: Sally’s been in love with Becks all her life–and he’s completely clueless.

This book features two best friends, one special edition Yoda snuggie, countless beneath-the-ear kisses and begs the question: Who wants a real boyfriend when faking it is so much more fun?




Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Where do I begin?! Do I start off by saying how incredibly cute this book is? While it’s also incredibly frustrating? Okay, it’s not that frustrating but trust me it was hella cute. If you like the whole best-friend-turned-romance thing then you will LOVE this book. If you also like the let’s-pretend-to-date then this book is what the book gods prescribed. I have no words, other than the fact that I absolutely love. LoVe. loVE. LOVE. This book! Like my heart is exploding at this love story. I’ll try not to hype it up too much for you guys, don’t want high expectations to not be filled haha. I got this book through kindle unlimited because let’s face it, that title just pulls you in. Little did I know, I was about to read the best thing since bacon. Don’t mind me being over dramatic here. I loved it so much, not only did I buy the kindle version and sent one to my friend Vero, but I also bought the physical copy of it.

The title is perfect for the book. It’s exactly that. A-DORK-ABLE. Sally is easily lovable. She’s dorky and nerdy and awesome. She’s totally relatable (for me at least). She’s in love with her best friend and thinks that he would never, ever feel the same way. I don’t know why? She’s uber cool. She’s laid back, funny, smart, loves classic rock and 80’s music, fangirls over things like Harry Potter and Star Wars. There’s a part where she actually does the Chewbacca call, which she apparently perfected in like sixth grade with Becks. I died of laughter. It was so adorable. Anyway, you will love her. She’s kind of oblivious because anyone with eyes can see that Becks likes her. But I can’t blame her cause I’m oblivious to those things, too.

Now Becks … equally smart and dorky but athletic (star soccer player — yaasssssssss girlll yaassss, get it) with black hair and blue eyes. Yes, ladies. Keep on swooning. He’s perfect. Okay, he isn’t. He messes up this one time but you get over it and still love him just as much. His relationship with Sally is too cute. You can tell (even if Sally can’t) how genuine he is when he’s “acting” like her boyfriend. His family is just as amazing. They’re hilarious and so much fun to be with. Seriously, Sally is a lucky girl. I love how he treats Sally and always puts her first. I love how nerdy and geeky they are when they’re together. The book is pretty predictable but that doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy it while you’re reading. It’s super cute (I say again for the 100th time) and funny. I love the plot and I love their friendship.

I am so excited to make a playlist because while I was reading it, music lyrics was just going in my head. I’ve already re-read this book twice since I first read it back in September 2017. Okay, here’s my “Bally” (Becks and Sally, if you didn’t guess) playlist! They’re mostly classic/80s because SALLY! But these song are amazing either way.

You’re My Best Friend by Queen

I Want You to Want Me by Cheap Trick

We’re At the Top of the World by The Juliana Theory

Can’t Fight This Feeling by REO Speedwagon

It’s A Heartache by Bonnie Tyler

If You Leave Me Now by Chicago

Please Forgive Me by Bryan Adams

All This Time by OneRepublic


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6 Responses to Review & Reading Playlist | Adorkable – Cookie O’Gorman

  1. Prima says:

    I still think their ship name should’ve been Secks, laughed way too long at that one 😂 Great review and I can’t wait to give the playlist a listen!

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  2. Fantastic review! I love this book! It was really cute and adorkable read! I’m so glad you loved it too! Love the playlist btw! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ChrissiReads says:

    Awesome post Anjie! 🙂 I love the playlist idea!

    Liked by 1 person

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