Review | A Court of Wings and Ruin – Sarah J. Maas


acowarA Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas

699 pages
Published: May 02, 2017 
Genre: New Adult, Fantasy, Romance


Feyre has returned to the Spring Court, determined to gather information on Tamlin’s manoeuvrings and the invading king threatening to bring Prythian to its knees. But to do so she must play a deadly game of deceit – and one slip may spell doom not only for Feyre, but for her world as well.

As war bears down upon them all, Feyre must decide who to trust amongst the dazzling and lethal High Lords – and hunt for allies in unexpected places.



This review has taken me the longest time. ACOWAR came out in May (and I read it right away) and I am not just posting my review. I am really in denial over the end of Rhys and Feyre’s story. I can keep on reading their story forever, even if it’s just random stories about their life after the war and walking around Velaris. I feel like I just need it. If you want a more detailed review, I made a gif reaction/review here. In all honesty, I preferred the tone, theme and plot of ACOTAR over the this one but doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy it just as much. They are very different in terms of Feyre’s journey. In ACOTAR, she spent most of the time healing and it was beautiful to read how she overcomes her PTSD. Here, she’s fighting for the Night Court, for her family, and for Prythian.

I love the story that SJM weaved in this trilogy. It’s so great seeing things connect across the trilogy. I love how there is constant world building. I love that in this book we see our favorite characters, our hated enemies, and the beautiful places we wish we lived in. But we also see new faces and new places. We got to see glimpses of the Autumn Court and Winter Court. We get to see so many things and it’s all beautifully written and the history is intricate. SJM never ceases to amaze me with her plots and her writing but enough of that fluff. Let’s get down to the real good stuff in the novel.


The Inner Circle is back and kicking butt! Honestly, I was so scared with how ACOMAF ended and that cliffhanger was just to die for but SJM did a really good job. Feyre was freaking phenomenal in her role in the Spring Court. She was too good guys and Lucien couldn’t do anything about it and Tamlin was just clueless. It was so cunning that I actually kind of pitied Tamlin. But then I remembered his role in all this and I just cheered Feyre on. The things she did and the strategy behind it … oh my gosh. It still excites me! The the reunion with the Inner Circle was more than I could bear. It was beautiful and heartwarming. The King of Hybern is truly a great villain and I hate him, I have nothing else to say because I refuse to acknowledge him.

The war and the ending of the novel was just phenomenal. I don’t even know where to begin. All the big players come out to play with many surprises on whose sides certain people are on. The fighting scenes were nicely described and I enjoyed reading/watching Cassian fight. It made me love him even more. I like seeing the changes in Nesta and Elain and how they were getting accustomed to the Fae life. They bothered me at the beginning but when they finally started opening up, it was great. That ending. Words cannot describe how I felt at the end of the war. My life flashed before my eyes and I don’t even know how to process what happened. I was very surprised and it was very risky. A major plot twist/betrayal/death occurs and I just … it took my breath away and I couldn’t deal. But that’s just another thing that made me love the book even more.

I know that this isn’t the end for the Prythian world and SJM just said that the next book will be in Rhys and Feyre’s point of view. But there was just something special about this original trilogy. I am looking forward to seeing what SJM has in store for us in Prythian and see how they move on from the war. I really hope that the future books have Cassian and Nesta because their story was great!


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3 Responses to Review | A Court of Wings and Ruin – Sarah J. Maas

  1. Love the nerdiness and your review – fangirling over Feyre and Rhys too – can’t wait to see what the new release brings to this universe. Thanks for posing a fun review – keep it up:)


  2. Wonderful review Anjie! I’m glad you loved this book because so many people got disappointed with it. I’m so excited for Feyre and Rhy’s Novella! 🙂

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