Book Talk: CALAAN Reading Challenge

For the past couple of years I have seen book/reading challenges all over bookstagram, booktube, book blogs, and other social media outlets. These have ranged from challenges like Epic Reads’s Reading Decathlon (10 Books in 10 Days) last year to the yearly TBR Challenge. I’ve always wanted to participate and for the first time ever, I got to do so (successfully, I might add) last year with the reading decathlon. This time around the reading challenge is a little bit different for me. This past year, I was lucky enough to meet these two amazing women at my job, Caro and Laura. We bonded over books and pretty much everything else.

Fast forward to a month or so ago, we were sitting on a booth of a hole-in-the-wall tea place, drinking tea that Caro probably picked out. We were most likely talking and venting about our job when we came up with the idea to officially start a book club. We had already done a buddy read and looking forward to another, so why not make it official! It was also in this setting that we decided we should just make our own reading challenge since we didn’t always like all the categories on the ones we found online. So in the tea place across FIU, arose the CALAAN Book Club (CAro, LAura, ANjie).

In that time, we also created a Reading Challenge, where each person got to choose a topic on the list. It is listed below and we wanted to share it, in case anyone wanted to join in. It’s awesome because we have to do research on some to find books specific to that topic. In others, like #51, we have to write. We all have either ideas for short stories, novels, and poems and this pushes us to write it. We also did this as a way to bond while Caro is in med school, Laura teaching in Spain, and me … in Miami (boring).

reading challenge

The challenge officially started on the first of August. But anyone and everyone can start whenever they like. The challenge is really flexible and there’s not many set rules. If you’d like to join in and post a review or anything related to our reading challenge, just link us or tag us on your post! Let us know if you join! Once Laura completes the finishing touches to her blog, I’ll be sure to put up her link for you guys! I’m excited for #2 and #23! Which ones would you guys be excited for!

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7 Responses to Book Talk: CALAAN Reading Challenge

  1. Hey! I just nominated you for a tag at it is called Shuffle the Music Tag, read the post for the rules of the tag.

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  2. fairydancer221 says:

    When does this challenge start? How do we know what other members are reading when the topics seem very flexible to what people have access to and an interest in reading at that moment? I see great topics, but I’m confused on those two aspects.

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    • Hello! Sorry for the lack of information on the challenge. I admittedly did forget to put in when the challenge would start. For my book club, we started on August 1st. We just started on the second week. Anyone is welcomed to start when they please. As for other members .. it’s just the three of us and Caro and I will post about our reads on this blog and Laura on her own blog when she finalizes everything. We’re very flexible with this challenge, something that we just want to do for fun. Anyone who wants to join in is welcomed to and if they would like to, can tag our blog on their post. The topics, like stated above, are open to each person’s own interpretation and they can explain why they chose which book on their posts. For example, for the first, A Book on Language. I read a YA Fantasy where language determined status, Laura read a book on the history of Spanish, and Caro read a book on medical language. Each topic can vastly range.

      Again, sorry for the information that the post was lacking. We didn’t expect others to join in since we created this as a bonding experience between us and we just wanted to share the topics that we had created. If anyone wanted to read from those topics and discuss, that would be amazing. It was something that we hadn’t anticipated. Thank you so much for your interest. I will be editing my post to include more information.

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