Blogger’s Digest: Hurricane Matthew


Reading has been a huge part of my life these past several years. As much as I want it to be, it’s not my entire life. My blog has always been about books and I love that but I have been wanting to integrate my everyday life on my blog and it’s finally happening! Welcome to my first ever Blogger’s Digest post! *throws confetti* Yay!

It’s hurricane season in Miami! It typically runs from June 1 to November 30 … It is NOT a good season (obviously). A couple of weeks ago, we were greeted by Hurricane Matthew. He was a monster. His winds went up to 160 mph (260 km/h) and was moving along so slow that it achieved maximum destruction. I’m telling you guys, Haiti and Cuba were decimated, just look up pictures. It’s trajectory was supposed to hit all of Southeast Florida and continue going northeast up to North and South Carolina and weaken from there.

I work at the hospital and at FIU (my university). On Wednesday, I was working at FIU when they told us that schools will be closed Thursday and Friday because of Matthew. Yay right?! No school, no work! Wrong! Right after, the hospital calls me because they activated the hurricane team protocol. When natural disasters occur, you’re put in Team A (before and during disaster) and Team B (after disaster). I was in Team A so that meant I had to pack my bags and plan to stay at least 24 hours at the hospital. I had to come in at 5:45AM and be ready to work.


Thank God that it went smoothly. We were so lucky in Miami that it didn’t hit us. It stayed just off coast and all we got were sporadic rainfall and a few winds. I also thank God that when I walked onto my floor, the staff was composed of all my friends. It made it all the more bearable having to stay at the hospital for so long. Because of the threat of the hurricane, the hospital was not busy. It was amazing. All my co-workers hated the fact that we had to stay overnight but they all wanted to make the best out of it (something I’m very bad at). They brought movies and popcorn and planned to make it the ultimate sleepover party. After they told me all this, I had to admit I was extremely excited. We had a blast at the sleepover. It was 14 of us women sleeping in the same room. Even better was that we were getting paid while sleeping!

I was so exhausted. I still am. I haven’t caught up on sleep and it’s been bad. I’m falling asleep at work. I just finished my last shift at the hospital but that’s not much rest because I’ll be back at work at FIU for 3 days in a row before going back to the hospital. Here’s a life tip: find a job that you love and pays well. Don’t have 2 jobs. It’s so tiring.


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4 Responses to Blogger’s Digest: Hurricane Matthew

  1. Thank goodness for hospital staff like you who are there when needed! So glad you fared well down in Miami. I’m in northeast FL (Jacksonville) and, despite some minor damage, we made it through just fine. Close call, though! The “hospital sleepover” actually sounds fun! LOL

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    • Thank you for the appreciation. I’m so glad to hear that Jacksonville wasn’t hit too bad! It definitely could have been worse and we were lucky. Haha, yeah! The sleepover was surprisingly a blast — minus waking up on the hard floor xD Thank you for stopping by!


  2. So glad to hear that you’re OK in the aftermath of Matthew! I’m glad that you and your friends/coworkers could make your work situation into a fun and memorable one!

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