Ten Books I Wish Were TV Shows!


Hey guys! I am back with this week’s TTT! I am busy busy busy trying to get in all the reviews from my decathlon so get ready to see a bunch of posts from me! Anyway, Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created by the lovely bookworms over at The Broke and the Bookish. Every Tuesday, they come up with different topics of discussion. This week I will be listing the books I wish were TV shows. Fall is here-ish and so are season premieres of TV shows! I know that it’s always hard to see your favorite books come alive in screen because so many things can go wrong. But a girl can dream that if done properly, she can see her favorite stories and characters come to life.

Ten Books I Wish Were TV Shows

1. A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas – A real life Rhysand?!?! Sign me up. But seriously, ACTOAR is one of my favorite fantasy worlds out there. I love the different courts and all the fae. I would definitely like to see what Hollywood would do with all the worlds … especially Velaris! Imagine Starfall, oh my! Just imagine it all and all the details that a show can put in!

2. Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas – Even though Queen of Shadows infuriated me, I’d really like to see this as a show as well. SJM knows her stuff! Plus Prince Dorian ❤ and Aedion! Ohhh and Abraxos and Manon! yes Yes yES YES!

3. Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare – I love this trilogy so much and I love the time period. I enjoyed it more than The Mortal Instruments and I thought it was very well-written. Ugh that epilogue will haunt me for the rest of my life.

4. The Winner’s Cuse by Marie Rutkoski – I can totally see this on TV! We need more shows with girls like Krestel!

5. Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers – A TV show about women who carry out the will of the god of Death himself?!

6. Angelfall by Susan Ee – I’ve seen a couple of angel apolcalypse films but never a show. If there is one out there, let me know. I love angel apocalypse type of books. Oooh imagine seeing Raffe in his glorious wings. YESSS PLEASE

7. The Wrath & the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh – We have Once Upon a Time which I think is a show of fairy tales right? (Can you tell I don’t watch it haha) But what about the Arabian Nights?! That’s cool (No offense to fairy tale retellings because I love them too)!

8. An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir – TEN. BLEEDING. HELLS. Elias on screen and his super compassionate, muscular, blue-eyed self. Ember is a very dark book and I would love to see that reflected on screen. With everything that happened in that book … imagine having to wait a week to see what happened next!

9. Delirium by Lauren Oliver – This was actually optioned for a show and it never made it. They released the script and it was a hot mess! Literally everything in book one happened in like one or two episodes! There were so many things cut from the show … no wonder it didn’t make it. Nonetheless, I’m really curious about seeing it as a show.

10. Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo – I’m still mad about book 3 (hence why I haven’t read another Bardugo book) but I did love the magic in the book and think it would be such an amazing show. And then of course there’s Nikolai ❤

What books would you want to see as a TV show??


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11 Responses to Ten Books I Wish Were TV Shows!

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  2. Curious Daisy says:

    I can totally see The Wrath and the Dwn as a mini series or something hehe 😀 http://www.curious-daisy.com/top-ten-tuesday/my-top-8-tv-shows/

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  3. Great list! Have a lovely week! Our TTT

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  4. SO many of these would make really awesome TV Shows! I’d totally watch them all, especially A Court of Thorns and Roses. 🙂 Great list!

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  5. I’d LOVE to see The Winner’s trilogy on the big screen – TV show or movie. Kestrel and Arin ❤ and even Roshar!
    I think Grave Mercy would be a good one too! People seem to like historical fiction with a fantasy twist. And it'd be soo awesome to see Ismae kicking butt.
    Great list, Anjie!!

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    • Omg! Roshar! I loved him so much!! I think Winner’s trilogy would be so great because it has that political intrigue to it and Rutkoski made it so interesting. Yeah! There’s so many historical fiction TV shows right now, Grave Mercy found so fit in!

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  6. I can almost picture Throne of Glass as a TV show. It’s got all the elements to be as compelling as something like Game of thrones of they kept it fairly close to the source material. I love the Witches… 😀

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