Ten Books I’d Buy Right Now!


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Hey there bookworms. We’ve all got a book wishlist where we list and list … and list books that we need to buy! I know I have one and it’s miles long and nowhere near ending! Today we get to share ten of those books! This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is a Ten Books You’d Buy Right This Second! It’s pretty self explanatory but imagine if someone just handed you a fully loaded Barnes and Noble (or whichever bookstore) gift card and told you to go crazy. I would totally go crazy of course. — Side thought: how come book stores don’t have shopping carts? — While I have hundreds on my to buy list, I’ll share some of the ones that I’ve been wanting to buy for a long time!

Ten Books I’d Buy Right Now!

Throne of Glass UK Covers

1. UK Version of the Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas: So I already have the books but I really love the UK version because of all the white. It looks so clean and neat haha

what we saw

2. What We Saw by Aaron Hartzler: I’ve really gotten interested in reading more books with raped victims because their stories are so interesting and gripping. This one really stood out because it involved a community who tried to hide the crime — which is actually what happened in a real life rape case.

torch against the night

3. A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir: Okay, okay. I know it’s not out yet but I really need it. I tried not to put in books that haven’t been released but, it’ll be out in like 4 weeks! Plus, I have yet to pre-order (trying to save money haha) so I would totally use a gift card to get me this pre-order


4. Trials of Apollo by Rick Riordan: It’s been a while since this one was released and I haven’t read a Rick Riordan book since Blood of Olympus (I really did not like that book!). But I think I’ve forgiven Riordan and can read his books again haha

magnus chase

5. Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard by Rick Riordan: So basically the same as Trials of Apollo but I am excited to read about a different kind of mythology! (Omg I love Loki!)


6. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Illustrated) by J.K. Rowling: Look how beautiful that is! I want to get the entire series illustrated. I have yet to buy it because it’s so pricey!


7. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling: I think I’m the only one right now who doesn’t have their hands on this book and spoilers are real my friends!

things we know by heart

8. Things We Know By Heart by Jessi Kirby: I’ve had this on my list for like 2 years now. It’s about time that I buy it lol


9. The Hunger Games Foil Edition Box Set by Suzanne Collins: Classic. Lol just kidding. It’s not but THG means a lot to me and the foil looks so beautiful!

jane austen

10. Jane Austen Box Set (Penguin Classic Hardcovers): Another beauty! It doesn’t really need an explanation haha

What books would you buy right now? Let me know below!


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13 Responses to Ten Books I’d Buy Right Now!

  1. You have a great list! I am reading Magnus Chase at the moment and you have to get it as soon as possible, it’s frickin’ amazing!
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2016/08/02/top-ten-tuesday-68/

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  2. LMAO you went all out! I wish I had so many matching book series tbh, maybe I shouldve put something like this on my wishlist, too.

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  3. Lois says:

    The Penguin Classics set is stunning. I see them taunting me everytime I go to my local book store and I swear one of these days I will cave and end up buying the set. 😛

    I’ve not read many rape victim books but the ones I have read have been great. What We Saw definitely sounds interesting considering it turned into a town cover up. I’ll keep my eye on that book.

    You cannot go wrong with Rick Riordan and I love that he’s exploring the Norse mythology now. I need to get my hands on that book. 😀

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  4. I really need to read the Throne of Glass series. I LOVE that Hunger Games set. So beautiful. And HP8 is on my list too! Have a great week!

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

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  5. Oh I have read What we Saw and I LOVED it. That is a great choice. I recently splurged on the illustrated version of Harry Potter and it is so GORGEOUS. I want to collect them all, but yeah they are a bit expensive. Great list. Here is mine: https://bookbinges.blogspot.it/2016/08/top-ten-tuesday-gift-card-wish-list.html

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  6. First of all: read the Cursed Child. Second of all, I don’t even know if you did it on purpose, but you made Curse Child number 7!!! 7 as in magic number!! I’m sorry I’ve been in Harry Potter mode ever since I just finished Cursed Child.

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