Kiss, Marry, Kill (#6): A Court of Mist and Fury


Hey there bookworms! It’s Monday! I would do a #(f)mcm but I figured I would kill two birds with one stone since my current crush will be featured today. A couple of weeks back, Sarah J. Maas’s A Court of Mist and Fury was published! I hope you read and loved it as much as I did. I know it’s not for everyone but man was that amazing. Anyway, I wanted to do two editions today, mainly because I want to overturn my choices from my A Court of Thorns and Roses KMK haha.

If you haven’t played before, check out the rules below and let me know what you pick!


  1. I will be providing the names of 3 different male characters (since I’m female, I might be doing a female edition in the future).
  2. From those three, you are to pick one who you’d kiss, one to marry, and one to kill.
  3. Have fun!

Kiss, Marry, Kill Round 1: A Court of Thorns and Roses

  1. Tamlin
  2. Lucien
  3. Rhysand

My Choices:


I honestly would like to pick Rhysand for this option and another option but I can’t so I’ll say Lucien. After reading ACOMAF, I had to rethink some things. Last time, I chose to marry Lucien and well, I didn’t care for how he acted in ACOMAF. We don’t really see much of him but I saw enough to know that I wouldn’t want to marry him anymore.


Freaking Rhysand! Death Incarnate. Night triumphant. (Actual line from SJM that I absolutely loved). He’s so indescribably amazing. Plus, if I marry him I’d live in the Night Court and I would just love that! I would also hang out with his court and they’re just a blast!


Tamlin. This was the only option that didn’t change. His character falls flat when compared to the other High Lords haha. Then you know ACOMAF happened and I wanted him dead even more than before.

Kiss, Marry, Kill Round 2: Battle of Courts (if you’ve read ACOMAF)

  1. Lucien
  2. Cassian
  3. Azriel

My Choices:


Azriel! He’s so mysterious and his protectiveness over Mor and the rest of the court is so admirable. I really want to get to know more of him and his backstory.


I feel totally basic but Cassian! I can’t get over the bad on the outside, soft and caring on the inside kind of characters. I love his backstory and I like his friendship with Feyre and his possible relationship with Nesta(?). We’ll see!


Sorry Lucien but not sorry. You were kind of a prick and followed Tamlin blindly. I mean, I love the loyalty, but even he knew Tamlin was doing something wrong and never did anything about it. Sooo byeeee Lucien

I’m really interested to know what you guys will pick! Let me know who and why below! 


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