Cover Reveal: No Rest for the Wicked by M. L. Sparrow

Hello bookworms! I hope all is well! I haven’t been posting for a while since work has kept me busy but today I’ve got a treat for you! I am doing a cover reveal of M.L. Sparrow’s upcoming novel No Rest for the Wicked, which will be out December 1st, 2015! M.L. Sparrow is such a wonderful writer and her previous books, Demon Inside and Ghetto, were both so fantastic! If you haven’t read her books before, I recommend them!

No Rest for the Wicked by M. L. Sparrow

No Rest for the Wicked Blurb:

When a rich gentleman finds a beautiful young woman lying in the snow, on the brink of death, he takes her back to his house and, when she has recovered, employs her as a maid. Immediately Elira realizes that Anthony Luther is no ordinary man and nothing about the house she now lives in is as it seems, for Anthony is a powerful wizard.

Inexplicably drawn together, they begin a tentative romance, but it’s not Elira’s uncertainties and the rules of upper-class society which drive a wedge between them; rivalries and a precious family heirloom, a priceless necklace of unforeseen power handed down through generations, threaten not only the couple’s happiness, but also their lives and the safety of the people around them

No Rest for the Wicked will be released on December 01, 2015. I will be posting teasers as the release date gets nearer!

If you’d like more information on the author, her books, and would like to contact her, you can visit her site here. You can also find her on Goodreads.


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