Top Ten Things I Collect!


Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created by the wonderful bloggers over at The Broke and The Bookish! Make sure you head over there, check out their blog, give them a follow, and even sign up to do TTT on your blog! This week’s topic is a freebie! We can list any ten things we want, even listing top ten favorite lists. Hah. I initially wasn’t going to make one because my creativity in TTT sucks. However, after reading Josie’s TTT, she gave me the idea to make a list of my collections! We all collect something, some more than others — I’m one of those somes haha. I might become a hoarder one day (eeek!)

Top Ten Things I Collect

(1) Books! Books! Books!


That’s actually just some of my books. I have another bookshelf that isn’t picture here. I also have the random books on my bedside table and my headboard … overall I have around 400 something books. You can check out my (not updated) list of books I own here.

(2) Writing Implements: Pens, Pencils, Crayons, oh my!


Yeah, this is an obsession. I have over 20 different types of pens and I keep buying them. I use a lot of my felt pens for drawing and then regular pens for writing. My mom thinks I’m crazy since I don’t even go to school anymore haha

(3) Post-Its Galore


Isn’t it beautiful?! I love my little collection. I want to get every size haha. My sister actually has a bigger collection than me. That’s her obsession. It’s how my brother-in-law proposed to her! He spelled out Marry Me in post-its and stuck it on the walls of her dream home, with pictures of them all over the wall. AND on each post-it, he wrote out reasons why he loves her (*enter tears*) Is that not the cutest thing ever!! I’ll take some credit, I helped him think of it haha.

(4) I need Bookmarks for all these books!


I’m sure other bookworms collect bookmarks! I love the Book Depository bookmarks and my Up magnetic bookmark. You can’t really see it but I adore my ACOTAR bookmark that’s here 😀

(5) Nerd Alert: I collect School Notes


This isn’t all of them but I kept all my notes from my Nutrition classes from college because I love the subject that much. I look over them when I want a refresher or, you know, just for fun. I keep them organized by professor then lecture and lab haha.

(6) Cards that were given to me


I love making cards and I love getting them. I especially treasure the homemade ones. Cards and their messages get me emotional and I love keeping a stack of them!

(7) Notebooks: Big Ones, Small Ones, Themed Ones, Green Ones!


Continuing with my school obsession, I buy more notebooks than I use. Out of all these notebooks, 6 are used and not even filled. The rest, I haven’t touched. They’re all so pretty, I can’t use them haha.

(8) Pins, Buttons, Whatever They’re Called20150915_093441

I literally screamed when I found out Bloomsbury was giving away ToG pins with the pre-order of QoS! I LOVE pins!! They’re mostly on my bag here. I have all kinds, most of which I bought at Hot Topic or my sister gave me. I also got some from a bookstore and one of them says Future Author!

(9) Germophobia is real people. Hand Sanitizers are my saviors


I buy these all the time even though I still have some. I have one attached to my car keys so it’s with me wherever I go. I have hand wipes in my car and I have hand wipe packets. I know, crazy. If you think I’m bad, my sister’s worse.

(10) POSTERS! 


Here are the posters in my room, not including the many Super Mario stickers I have up on there. I love filling up my walls with them! The Hobbit one might be my favorite but I can’t choose! Wait, no! The Host poster is my favorite haha it’s signed by Max Irons ❤ ❤

Honorable Mentions:


I am starting to collect little bottles of paint 😀 It’s going great haha. I also collect movie stubs but that was hard to take a picture of since it’s all over my room and in my notebooks.

So there’s my Top Ten List! I collect a lot of crap and there are even more things I collect but these are the main ones. Do you collect things? Anything in common with me? Let me know below and don’t forget to leave a link to your Top Ten!


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Hello there -- call me Anjie! I made this book blog where I can put down all my bookish ramblings and talk to those who have the same interests!
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42 Responses to Top Ten Things I Collect!

  1. I love this! I totally collect books too (of course!). And I have tons of hand sanitizers and had tons of pins on my backpack in college too! And I love keeping cards from people. Great top 10!

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  2. Notebook collections are the best. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Keira says:

    You can turn cards people gave you into little boxes to house jewelry and more. It’s very easy and fun. I do it with pretty Xmas cards and I use the as decoration later.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Josephine says:

    I’m weeping! I adore your notebook and pen collection! I’m so overly obsessed with stationary it’s not even funny! And of course I collect books. 😉
    Im currently building up my Book Depository bookmark collection! It’s coming along well…
    And who doesn’t love post-its?! Especially for making notes in books. 😊
    This post makes me want to change my TTT topic. How in the world did I inspires this?!
    Xoxo 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha stationary is one of the best things in this world haha.
      Yes! I use post-its on my books so that I can write on my book without writing on my book haha.
      I can’t remember because I feel like this post was done so long ago xD (so behind on my blog) but I believe it was cause you had things outside of books that you liked to do and I had things I liked to collect that weren’t books lol.

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  5. Carrie says:

    Fun post!! I am addicted to post-its and notebooks and cute magnetic bookmarks and PENS lol My TTT

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  6. Prima says:

    IM SO JEALOUS OF YOUR POSTERS TT.TT Share some with me, please! I would love to have bookish posters but I just don’t where to find them. Maybe it’s a good thing because otherwise my room would be covered in posters XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks haha! I got the Divergent one from Walmart — they also had TFIOS. There’s a bunch of Hunger Games because of the films on Amazon. I got The One poster from a special edition of the book at Barnes and Noble. Yeah, that’s probably good. I have no more wall space haha

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  7. aentee @ read at midnight says:

    Neat idea for a post, I totally envy your bookmarks, pens and hand sanitiser collection haha! My own collecting obsession is i) nail polishes and ii) bookmarks! Though I’m trying to curb the habit haha.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. fiddlerblue says:

    A trip to the bookstore or a school supply shop must be really fun for you 😛 Presently, we are collecting fridge magnets, we buy one from every place we visit so we never forget their names and what we did there. I have 3 so far, hahah, so I need to get out more.

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    • It’s like Christmas morning for me lol. That’s so cool! They’re great souvenirs, too. That’s 3 more than me lol. I’ve just been to like 2 states in the US. Never even been out of the country.

      Liked by 1 person

      • fiddlerblue says:

        Really? Hmm well the only time I left the country (Philippines) was to visit and finally to live in the UK. But I used to travel everywhere in the PHL, a bit expensive to do it often though.


  9. LHauser27 says:

    Hi! I felt like I was reading a post I wrote. Lol. I love post-its and school notes and cards and bookmarks. And sometimes I think I buy books just to look at them, not even to read them. 🙂 Great unique idea.
    My TTT

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  10. thenightgirl says:

    I love collecting pens! I’ve been doing it since high school. I also love collecting notebooks, mostly sketchbooks/moleskines. My desk full of pens and notebooks.

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  11. Marie says:

    I have an unhealthy obsession with office supplies. I love them, I love sharpies, organizers, you name it. Great list. 🙂

    My TTT: Marie @ Pages to Explore

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  12. oh my god, you’re worst than my mom with the hand sanitizers! 😀

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  13. Sarah says:

    Eeek – such a creative idea 😀 I love collecting notebooks but I always feel too scared to use them – I don’t want to mess them up hahaha. Stationary is my fave, too and I love keeping letters/cards that have been sent to me! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Cheyanne says:

    I have an entire drawer of stationary, another shelf with stuff to make my own cards and a BIG drawer full of three types of paint: watercolor, acrylic and oil. Ask me how often I paint! The answer is pretty much never! Ooops!


  15. sfarnell says:

    Wow! So much, where do you ought it all? You must need a house just to store it all lol 😝

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  16. I collect stationary as well, I thought I was the only one! 🙂

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