Book Talk: How Do You Really Feel About Love Triangles?


Hello Bookworms! I’m here to bring you a topic that I’d like to discuss with you! You’ve all heard about it and you’ve all probably read at least one book with a love triangle — or some form of love shape. Epic Reads, which you should totally join, created this hilariously accurate post called: A Brief Study of Love Triangles (And Other Emotional Shapes). Check it out and read it, it will make you laugh! I wanted to bring this discussion into my blog because I really wanted to know your thoughts on it! So let’s BookTalk!


L VEYou know all about love triangles and I don’t know about you, but for me, it really blew up when Twilight came out. From there, “teams” arose and it became synonymous to World War III between the readers — to the point where the storyline was no longer the point of interest. I have here a list of love triangles (and other shapes) from Young Adult Fiction that I’ve read. I’m sure there’s more out there, so make sure to let me know which ones you come up with.

Love triangles can be seen as dysfunctional relationships. I know I wouldn’t want my daughter/son growing up and thinking that it’s a norm to be in a love triangle. It shows an inappropriate or delusional depiction of romance. Do people in real life really get into these situations? Who would want to be a part of a love triangle in the first place? It’s hard enough liking one person, I can’t imagine vying for the affections of two people.

Why do you think authors use this kind of story arc in their books? Is it truly something that would naturally happen to that the characters if they were real? Or is it a marketing ploy to get more readers? I just feel that if you really want to pull people in with romance arc, there are other ways that don’t involve a triangle. I love slow burn romances, best-friend-turned-soul-mate, and the unexpected falling-for-someone-you-never-thought-of-that-way romance. (P.S I made up all those titles and it’s pretty obvious because they suck.)


Personally, love triangles do not always bother me. It really depends on the writing. It really bothered me in Twilight by Stephenie Meyer but I didn’t mind it at all in The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. The difference between the two is that there was less emphasis on the romance in THG. Just because a book is advertised to have a love triangle, it doesn’t mean that I won’t try it. However, it’s a little pet peeve of mine when a book is given this amazing synopsis with a promise of great fantasy or science fiction but then, it mostly surrounds a love triangle. No, thank you. 

Something I notice about love triangles is that some are written where you clearly know who the main character will end up with! If it’s so obvious that they’ll end up with the first person that they fell in love with, why bother putting in another person? This is why I absolutely enjoyed the love triangle in The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare because there was no clear winner. I also love how well written it was. It wasn’t just two random guys and one girl. No it was best-friends-but-brothers and a girl that they were both madly in love with but in the end, they wanted each other to be happy.

I also notice that girls usually find themselves in the center of love triangles with two guys trailing them like … excuse me. How about two girls fighting for a guy? I’ve only come up with  The Maze Runner by James Dasher, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han, and the weird shape from Wither by Lauren DeStefano. Then, there’s those books with crazy amounts of love interests where it’s no longer a love triangle but a dodecagon — for the non-mathematical people, that’s 12. (Don’t be impressed, I had to google that.) *cough, cough* Sarah J. Maas and Kiera Cass, I’m looking at you.


I would love to know how you feel about love triangles! 

  1. How do you feel about authors writing a love triangle (or any shape) in a book?
  2. Do you just not read a book with love triangles, or are you like me, where it all depends?
  3. You read a review and it talks about a love triangle in the story. Do you read the book or skip it?
  4. Best/Worst love triangles that you’ve read and why?
  5. Do you feel like love triangles are terrible depictions of romance? Have you ever been involved in one? Would you want to be?




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35 Responses to Book Talk: How Do You Really Feel About Love Triangles?

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  2. I hate love triangles! I found them okay at first, when they created some real tension and confusion in the plot, but now it feels like authors just throw them in there as a plot device or marketing ploy. Whenever I read a love triangle in a book now, it makes me like the book less because I get so sick of the girl (because it’s usually a girl) spending more time concerned about which guy to choose than the real issues of the book. I don’t deliberately avoid books with love triangles in them and there can be some that are done well, but like I said, it does affect my rating of the book. If I read a review that says there is a love triangle in the story, it will depend on how much I think I will like the plot of the book as to whether I will get over the fact that there is a love triangle in there, if it sounds like a book I will really enjoy, then I will read despite the love triangle but if it sounds like a story I would hate anyway, I won’t read it. Best love triangles I’ve read is a hard one, I guess the Gale/Peeta/Katniss one was good because it didn’t take over the whole story, although I still didn’t really like it. The Elise/Tate/Anna triangle in Dangerous Girls is great because it actually adds to the plot and there’s a real reason for it being there. Worst love triangles, hmmmm, the Thomas/Theresa/Brenda one in The Maze Runner because I really didn’t see the point to it. I wasn’t keen on the Connor/Risa/Cam one in the Unwind series as it was so obvious that Risa was always going to choose Connor, but I wouldn’t say it was the worst one ever, because it wasn’t the main focus and Shusterman resolved it well, but I didn’t like that it was there, because it was so unnecessary. I didn’t really like the whole Blue/Gansey/Adam thing in The Raven Boys either because you always know she’s going to choose Gansey. Yes I do feel like love triangles are terrible depictions of romance, because whilst it is possible to be interested in more than one guy/girl at once, I don’t think anyone obsesses quite to the level of characters in books and I don’t think they’re healthy depictions of romance at all. I’ve never been involved in one and I never want to be, it does not seem like fun.

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    • Yes! I didn’t understand the point of adding a love triangle in the Maze Runner. Maybe Dashner was getting desperate? Maze Runner was pretty subpar to me. Maybe he thought adding something like that would boost people’s interest. From ones you listed, I’ve only read Maze and Hunger Games. It’s so crazy that there’s so much more out there. I hope authors stop using them as a marketing device, it’s really gotten old and overused. There’s no such thing as a good love triangle. Yes! Why is it that love triangles in books get so obsessive about it? Hello, there’s other things going on in your life! Thanks for stopping by!


      • Neither did I. Maybe he did think it would get more people interested, but if that was the case, I don’t think it worked! Me too! Every time I see one now, I groan! I completely agree! No problem!

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  4. Josephine says:

    I’ve never had a problem with love triangles personally. If a book mentions a love triangle or a read a review that claims there is a love triangle, I will not be put off. It doesn’t phase me because I’m one who wants to see for myself.
    But I do think love triangles get frustrating at times. They are written just for the damn hell of it sometimes wth no significance. However I’m not totally against the love triangle with the obvious winner visible to all. I mean, if there wasn’t a love triangle there, we’d most likely be calling it instalove.
    But I agree with the points you make, most definitely. Especially with the girl always getting caught between two guys. We need some diverse love triangles! 😂
    Wonderful discussion post! 💕

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    • Oh ok I understand that! Yeah, I think I’d take love triangles over instant love haha. Those are an absolute no-no unless it was somehow very well written. Even then, it feels sketchy to me. The craziest love shape I’ve seen where a guy is in the middle is Maxon and those 35 selected girls but he narrows it down so quickly lol
      Thank you!

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  5. Mariana Nhi says:

    I need to confess. I hate love triangle. And I avoid them the best I could. However…..
    I always fall hard for them. Well, not everyone of them, but if they’re good, then they will be over the roof in my mental rating system. Infernal Devices, Throne of Glass, etc. you name it (or if you read manga, there is one manga called Vampire Knight that was impressed me deeply. Anywho…). I guess I just have that love/hate relationship with trio love, since it (somehow in my mind) makes me choose one character over another, whether if it’s boys or girls. I’m that type of person who into the “loyal” and “commitment” thing, so I always have to mentally choose one, and I can’t stand it. Which is the reason why I have such impression on the Infernal Devices. You just can’t choose one, and that is what make it the best.
    And I totally agree with you or MyTinyObsessions. There are books that the authors make it clear who is the winner in the “game”, and that just feels off somehow. Others sometimes have unrealistic triangle loves, and it’s frustrated too. I personally don’t seek out trio love to read, but this doesn’t affect what I read. If it’s good, then it is good.
    And I don’t like to be in one either. It would be very interesting (fangirls’ problems…), but in reality, things can be super awkward, and if that go wrong, it can hurt, a lot.
    Anyway, your post is just amazing! One of the best discussion posts I’ve read so far. Love it! 😍

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    • YES! Love/Hate relationships with love triangles. That is the perfect way to describe it. Then when both the guys are so awesome, it’s hard not to fall hard. I haven’t heard of that manga but I’ll make sure to check it out! Most of the times it’s easy for me to choose in a love triangle and it’s usually the guy that I have more of a connection with like in Infernal Devices, it was always Will for me — I love the tortured soul haha. Same with Throne of Glass, it was always Dorian for me. Love triangles don’t affect me either, I’ll read it if it gets a good rating. YES there are so many repercussions when it comes to a real life love triangle, a lot of hurting.

      Thank you so much!! Thanks for stopping by 😀

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  6. Kelsey Bogan says:

    lol love triangles, so unrealistic, and yet so popular in YA books these days… sigh. I’m not a fan either but I won’t let it stop me from read a series. But, as you mention, I prefer when the story is about something else and there just happens to be a love triangle as well (Hunger Games), I don’t prefer when the love triangle is the main point of the story (sorry thats why I’m not such a fan of The Selection, its all, she likes him but now she likes this other guys too and he likes her but he also likes the other 5 girls, and 2 of those girls like him too…. lol too complicated for me!)

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  7. Jenny says:

    Ah, the love triangle. Like you, I’m OK if there’s a love triangle if it isn’t the centre of the story. I really hate them if I can’t stand either love interest as well. I think Jenny Han is the queen of love triangles. That woman knows how to pull it off!
    As for real life, no I think they’re few and far between. I did have a crush triangle moment once. It was sort of fun but love? Nah.

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    • Yes! It really helps if you like the love interests haha. YES!! She does! She does it without making it so freaking frustrating and the guys are amazing haha. Yeah crushing and short term love triangles are doable but love? *shudders*


  8. Keira says:

    Generally speaking two girls and one guy ends up with one of the girls being a super mean girl behind his back and a sweet angel in front of him. Bleh. The love triangle for Twilight worked for me better than others because there was clearly some time between one committed relationship and the burgeoning feelings for another. However it was clearly messed up in other respects and not helped at all by Jake’s true attraction to Bella being for her unfertilized egg. Weird and not remotely inviting. I didn’t like how pushy Jake was either but that might be because I am firmly Team Edward. lol

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  9. As long as the love triangle is well written and it makes sense/isn’t unnecessary that I don’t mind them, but if it’s just used to add extra drama in then it’s annoying! Lovely post! 🙂

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  10. fiddlerblue says:

    I used to not mind love of any shapes, but I think it’s overused in YA so even a hint of it going that way makes me roll my eyes (particularly, Eclipse. That whole going away in the mountains and having to deal with their love triangle while the rest are battling somewhere else, ugh! c’mon!). And yes, it’s always the girls who seem fickle minded. Some of these relationships even distract the reader from the plot. I love a relationship that focuses more on just two people, watch the love bloom and be nurtured and tested (e.g. Tris and Four)
    I usually prefer stories that are not blatantly about romance, I prefer fantasy-adventures so I mostly pick books that the relationship is not the central focus. If there happens to be a love triangle, I can still read it depending on how engaging the rest of the story is going to be.

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    • I never understood that part of Eclipse haha, like why wouldn’t you want to be a part of the fight?! Yeah I love the regular, two-people kind of relationships. There’s so much more depth that goes into the relationship while I feel like love triangles focus more on drama. Fantasy-adventures are my favorite kinds!Thanks for stopping by!


      • fiddlerblue says:

        I know, Jacob and Edward were really powerful too, can’t they find a more secure place to hide Bella while they help the others? Or at least give us a way to see some of the action, lol.I agree, it’s mostly just drama which sometimes (most of the time) go overboard.

        You’re welcome, I love your blog 🙂

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  11. Lois says:

    I honestly cannot stand love triangles. I feel like a lot of the times a love triangle is introduced as either a marketing ploy or as a plot device. Like you, I prefer to read about a natural progression of a relationship, especially in a series. I’d rather see the couple go through their struggles and communicate with each other instead of having a new person inserted to the picture cause I feel like it just impedes the character development cause someone is always going to get hurt with this back and forth situation.

    However, having said that if a triangle is present but not a focal point to the story I am willing to give it a try. Like with Throne of Glass I plan on waiting until all the books are released and then binge read them in one setting because the story sounds compelling. What I don’t like is the way that a good story is often pushed aside for the fandom team wars where the triangle is pushed to the forefront and they forget about everything else.

    In short I don’t mix well with love triangles.

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    • Yes! I cannot stand it when team wars do that! There’s so much more to the story and so much more that the main character offers than just being in love with someone else. I always hated that part in love triangles, where someone ends up being really hurt. Thanks for taking the time to answer!

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  12. Prima says:

    YES! I hate it when it’s so obvious that one of them is a third wheel. I mean, that just destroys the indecisiveness of a love triangle XD

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  13. A couple of things before I answer your questions – great post by the way.
    I feel that sometimes we use the term “love triangle” wrongly. For me, it applies when it is happening simultaneous, when a girl is interested in 2 boys at the same time, who are also into her. Now, a lot of books don’t fit into that category (for me), Throne of Glass is an example of that.
    Celaena has feelings for Dorian and acts on it, then she stops and acts on her feelings for Chaol, she never strings Dorian along, and Dorian, as soon as he learns about Chaol, stands down. So, is this really a love triangle (etc)? Because feelings change over time, that is natural!

    The Hunger Games are another example that don’t quite fit in the love triangle thing, at least for me. Yes there are 2 guys who love the same girl, but the romance is never the focus of that book, so I think the problem here was the marketing surrounding it.

    Nw on to the questions…

    1. How do you feel about authors writing a love triangle (or any shape) in a book?
    Honestly, it doesn’t bother me at all if it is well written. Is it common, probably not so much, but most of these books as dystopian or fantasy, so wouldn’t any guy fall in love with Celaena? I think they would, if you know, she was real!

    2. Do you just not read a book with love triangles, or are you like me, where it all depends?
    It depends on so many things, but it’s not a deal breaker.

    3. You read a review and it talks about a love triangle in the story. Do you read the book or skip it?
    I go more for the rating than anything else… I tend to usually read books with around 4 stars or more, I don’t really care about the love triangle or not.

    4. Best/Worst love triangles that you’ve read and why?
    So, the best has to be The Infernal Devices. It’s just magical and justified and I loved both guys, and totally understood why she loved both of them as well.
    The worst I would say was twilight, but it’s because I never really thought that Jacob stood a chance, so why do it?!

    5. Do you feel like love triangles are terrible depictions of romance? Have you ever been involved in one? Would you want to be?
    Again, it depends on how it’s written. I wouldn’t like to be in one personally, but my 16 yo self wouldn’t deny that having 2 guys fighting over her could be interesting. A curious thing happens a lot, one tends to be more interested in a person when you know that they’re interested in you, so I understand the logic behind the love triangles and sometimes they’re very justifiable…

    (sorry this turned out so damn long…)

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    • No worries about long responses! I really appreciate you stopping by and answering 😀 I can understand your definition of love triangles. It makes sense. I think that’s another way love triangles can be interpreted. Hahah, if Celaena was real a lot of guys would love her! I go by rating too when trying to see if I’ll read a book or not. If it’s lower than a 4star, I read some reviews to see what the major issue is and if I can overlook it or something haha. TID is such a wonderful love triangle haha. YES!! Jacob’s feelings for Bella and vice verse weren’t necessary! Then he imprints on Renesme .. weird family dynamic there haha (Jacob to Renesme: BTW, I tried to split up your parents before they were married so that I can start dating your mom … but hey you still want to get married right?)


  14. ChrissiReads says:

    I don’t mind love triangles if they are well written and they make sense. I think love triangles are so over used that I tend to roll my eyes when I start reading about one. I do still read a book if I hear it has a love triangle, but it is something (when badly written) that affects my personal rating of the book.

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    • Yes! They are used way too much. Authors really need to try another plot arc. They’re usually not even necessary. If the writing is that bad then it affects my rating for the book too! Thanks for your input!


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