Kiss, Marry, Kill (#2.3): Sarah J. Maas Edition


Hello there! In the midst of all the blog changes, I’m here to bring you another round of Kiss, Marry, & Kill. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing Sarah J. Maas editions of KMK in anticipation of the release of Queen of Shadows. I hope that despite all the spoilers coming out that y’all are still super excited for its release. I’ve seen a lot of the spoilers and they’ve made me even more excited to get to the book! Anyway, to spice things up in KMK this week, I’ll be mixing up the choices between her two series: Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses! This week will be a Fae showdown — hint, hint 😉


  1. I will be providing the names of 3 different male characters (since I’m female, I might be doing a female edition in the future).
  2. From those three, you are to pick one who you’d kiss, one to marry, and one to kill.
  3. Have fun!

Kiss, Marry, Kill Options: Throne of  Thorns and Roses? A Court of Glass?

  1. Tamlin
  2. Rhysand
  3. Rowan Whitethorn

My Choices:


Oh. My. Gosh. What did I get us into? This is so hard! Ugh! I don’t know. Can I kiss all of them first? I love them all equally! Okay, okay. Don’t quote me on this because I’m still pretty undecided but I’ll choose Tamlin this time on the condition that he takes me to the starlight pool for the kiss.


This one was a bit easier because I think there’s only one person on here that really matches my personality and that would be Rhysand. He’s mysterious, dark, witty, and sarcastic. I know weird mix for my personality but we’d balance each other out so well haha. Good marriage!


So this one’s the real problem and unfortunately that leaves me to kill off Rowan. *cries in guilt and shame* But he’s a tough guy and he’s survived worse than anything I’d be able to do to him haha. He’s really amazing but I don’t think we’d mesh very well if we married.

I’m really interested to know what you guys will pick! Let me know who and why below! 



28 thoughts on “Kiss, Marry, Kill (#2.3): Sarah J. Maas Edition

  1. I feel so guilty here, because once again, I am killing Tamlin *hides in shame*. I’M SO SORRY TAMLIN but I love Rhysand and Rowan too much.
    To be totally honest I want to marry both Rhysand AND Rowan. But since I made me decision to marry Rhysand in your last post, I’ll marry Rowan this time. I loved Rowan from pretty much the beginning! 😍

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  2. so i’m reading acotar right now and i’ve met rhysand but i’m a bit confused because isn’t he supposed to be a villain?? i’m like 100 pages from finishing though so i’m sure there’s still tons of stuff i’m gonna learn. for now i’m going to kill rhysand… kiss tamlin.. and marry rowan because i still love throne of glass so much and ROWAN. ugh rowan was my favourite character in heir of fire (except for maybe aelin and aedion and manon…) don’t know if we’d mesh well either bc i don’t know if i could handle his brooding tough guy thing but in a perfect world, it’d happen!

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