Kiss, Marry, Kill (#2.1): Sarah J. Maas Edition


HI Y’ALL! I’m here to bring you another round of Kiss, Marry, & Kill (KMK). Last week was the Prince edition and this week is Sarah J. Maas! Calling all SJM fans of Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses! Queen of Shadows will be released in a little over 3 weeks (24 days) — I am so excited about it! In celebration, I will be posting SJM Editions of KMK!

  1. I will be providing the names of 3 different male characters (since I’m female, I might be doing a female edition in the future).
  2. From those three, you are to pick one who you’d kiss, one to marry, and one to kill.
  3. Have fun!

Kiss, Marry, Kill Options: Throne of Glass

  1. Dorian Havilliard
  2. Chaol Westfall
  3. Rowan Whitethorn

My Choices:


My kisses shall go to — drumroll please — Rowan! I love you but not that way. You’re kickbutt, loyal, and you don’t take crap from anyone. You don’t baby Celaena and I like that. You don’t treat her differently because she’s a girl or whatever. Oh, you’re also pretty sexy but again, I don’t love you that way. We wouldn’t work out but we’d be awesome friends!


Dorian freaking Havilliard. I have this thing for princes … I LOVE them and Dorian’s my baby. He’s my #2 in my Top Ten list of Fictional Characters that I’d Date. It’s mostly because he’s a bookworm but also because he’s a sweetheart. He’s funny, caring, loyal, can wield a sword but prefers to read. He would be an amazing husband. <3<3 Plus, that black-hair-blue-eye combo is on point!


For those of you who know me, you already know that Chaol would be killed off. If I was SJM — and you’re probably glad that I’m not — I would’ve killed off Chaol a long, long time ago. I cannot stand that guy. My dislike for him knows no bounds. Sorry guys haha.

I’m really interested to know what you guys will pick! Let me know who and why below! (Don’t worry, Sam Cortland will make an appearance soon *cries*).



31 thoughts on “Kiss, Marry, Kill (#2.1): Sarah J. Maas Edition

  1. Oh gosh no no, I cannot decide! I think ultimately I’d kill Chaol – I’m sorry Chaol! – because although I love his character and his relationship with Celaena, it doesn’t exceed the love I have for Dorian and Rowan! Personally I fell for Rowan and his tough exterior. I don’t know what it is! And Dorian.. He is just perfect. Lovely. Wonderful! Oh gosh, this post has me excited for Queen of Shadows so much! xoxo

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      • I know right? There’s something so attractive about their tough exteriors… Sarah J Maas writes the most swoon worthy male characters! I’m pretty sure all her males that I’ve read about are ones I’ve fallen for or been really fond of.
        Yes, I want September to be here now!

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  2. I’m so glad you you decided to kill Chaol, Anjie because I will save or resurrect him and marry him myself ;).
    Rowan definitely looks like he would be a good kisser and I guess that leaves Dorian to kill.. ;p

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  3. Lol I’d kiss Rowan, he’s far too interesting a character to get rid of (plus, tattoos!). I’d marry Chaol. I always go for the honorable good guy. I like that hes true to his country and that his love for Caleana and Dorian is still greater. He doesn’t let his fears control his actions and the people he loves still come first over his own honor. Sigh, dreamy. I have no problem killing Dorian lol he can go (gasp!!)


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