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I’d like to extend my biggest and warmest thanks to some of the best bloggers I’ve met in the blogosphere! Thank you Josie @ Josie’s Book Corner and Raven @ Dreamy Addictions for this wonderful nomination and recognition! If you guys hadn’t nominated me, I would have definitely nominated you because you not deserve this award!


  1. Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to. Do some digging if you must! Find those blogs. You cannot nominate yourself or the person who has nominated you.
  2. Write a post to show off your award! Give a brief story of how your blog got started, and give a piece or two of advice to new bloggers. Thank whoever nominated you, and provide a link to their blog. List who you’ve nominated in the post.
  3. Comment on each blog and let them know you’ve nominated them. Provide a link to the award post you created.
  4. Provide a link to the original post on Edge of NightThat way, anyone can find the original guidelines and post if needed, and we can keep it from mutating and becoming confusing!

My Story:

I originally started blogging with my friend Veronica over at The Talking Bookworm. I was a junior writer in her blog. She’s more of a contemporary reader and I read more of the science fiction and fantasy. She enlisted me to her blog to add more diversity in her book reviews. After a year and several months, I started thinking about having my own blog. I’ve tried vlogging but it wasn’t for me. I’m not a camera person haha. Then I started thinking about Veronica’s blog and what kind of features that I would have if I had my own blog.

It spiraled from there. My idea sparked into a tangible thing and I started doing research on the best sites and so on. I was really worried because being a junior writer is a lot different from being the founder and primary writer of a blog. Did I want all that responsibility? Did I have the time? What happens when I don’t have time for my blog? What if no one cares to even look at my blog? Will my voice be heard? It was a lot of thinking and I pretty much just sucked it up. I really wanted to do this, have my own space that I can control and let my thoughts run through. I just wanted a blog where I can talk to people who loved the same books as I did. I wanted a blog where I can reach out to people and maybe get them to read a book that they never thought of looking it. Because of my extreme desire for all that, I threw away my worries and started my own blog.

I haven’t looked back ever since. I’m not going to lie to you. Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes I’m going through a reading slump and have no reviews to offer my readers but I have yet to be discouraged. The people I’ve met in the blogosphere are some of the nicest, smartest, and most accepting people in the world. It doesn’t matter if we’re extremely different and disagree with each other’s opinions, no one judges and treats anyone else differently.

My Two Cents:

There’s really no perfect way to blog. Everyone is different and you do what’s comfortable to you! I guess that would be my first advice haha. Be yourself in the blogging world. Don’t hide or make up a fake person — no one likes that. Just be genuinely you! Everyone wants to hear your voice. No one wants to see a carbon copy. Something that also stems from this is be involved! Go and check out blogs and take the time to comment — not just ‘Hey check out my blog’ but show that you took the time to read someone’s posts and the thoughts that they’re putting up.

Have fun with blogging! Being in this blogging world is supposed to relieve stress and network you to people who love what you love. Don’t stress out about it. If you’ve got a lot of things going on, then schedule posts ahead of time. That’s what I do. If I’m going to have a particularly loaded week ahead of me, I load up on scheduled posts! I do this by staying organized. I have a Lilly Pulitzer planner (best thing ever) and it comes with 2 monthly view calendars so I can have one for my blog and another for my personal/work life. It’s awesome!


Melanie @ Reviews of a Self Proclaimed Bibliophile
Veronica @ Talking Bookworm
Kayla @ The Thousand Lives
Cristina @ Girl in the Pages
Erika & Miedjel @ Partners in Books
Cristina @ My Tiny Obsessions
Meena @ Tattooed Pages
Carolyn @ A Hundred Thousand Stories
Laura @ Once Upon a Bookshelf 
Book Lovers Blog
Emma @ Emma’s Bookery
Analee @ Book Snacks
The Literary Counsellor
Jaymie @ Confessions of a Collegiate Cat Lady
Kerry @ Kerry Berry Books


About Anjie @ Love thy Shelf

Hello there -- call me Anjie! I made this book blog where I can put down all my bookish ramblings and talk to those who have the same interests!
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7 Responses to Blogger Recognition Award

  1. I’m not a camera person either, way too camera shy, lol. The blogging community is definitely the best part of blogging, they never treats us differently and is so accepting! ❤ And great tips, by the way; being yourself and interacting with other bloggers are the best way to get your blog known and make friends. 🙂

    I already did this award (you can find it here if you want) but thanks so much for nominating me! It means a lot to me.

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  3. nice to see how you got started, the advice is also great 🙂 thanks for the nomination Anji

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  4. ravenblake99 says:

    Great Story! I agree with everything you have said.I think creating a blog of myself is one of the best decision I’ve made this year and those were some great tips too.Have a wonderful day! 😀


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