Rip It or Ship It Tag!

rip it

I found this tag moving around in our book blog community and it provided so many laughs that I just had to do it! It’s called the Rip It or Ship It Tag, where you write down an even-numbered amount of book characters on tiny pieces of paper. I wrote them on little post-it flags that I use to tag quotes in books. Fold them up and mix it up, in which ever way that you want. I color coded so that I pick a male and a female but I’ve seen it done other ways. You can pick characters from any books! There really are no rules but to enjoy!

My Character Lot (not mixed yet):
rip it ship it

(The book that the flags are stuck to is called Love and Other Perishable Items by Laura Buzo — cute read by the way)

Let the Ripping or Shipping Begin:

Daemon Black from The Lux Series & Nehemia Ytger from Throne of Glass

Oooh interesting start! They would totally butt heads and get into a lot of arguments! Nehemia is such a strong, fierce, and independent girl (that needs no man) and Daemon can be very egotistical and overprotective to the point where he can come out as belittling. Nehemia will not put up with those shenanigans! Rip It!

Percy Jackson from Percy Jackson & the Olympians & Lara Jean Cover from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Lara Jean would definitely be able to bake Percy those blue cookies he loves! However, Lara Jean is too much of a pushover sometimes and Percy kind of needs to be told what to do haha (enter Annabeth). Plus, Percy’s lifestyle does not fit into Lara Jean’s safe life, where the most eventful thing she went through was making out in a hot tub! Rip it!

Prince Kai from The Lunar Chronicles & America Singer from The Selection

Hmmm… no America’s too bland for Kai. I feel like she’d have nothing to offer Kai. Okay, they both love their empire/country but Kai is very attentive to detail. He thinks before he acts. He thinks about the consequences of his actions, how it would affect him, those closest to him, and the commonwealth. On the other hand, America can be impulsive and she takes forever … and I mean 2 books .. to make a decision. Rip It!

Peter Kavinsky from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and Tessa Gray from The Infernal Devices

No, no, no, no. Tessa would not be impressed — no offense Peter. I love you but you’re no Will Herondale or Jem Carstairs. I don’t think Peter would enjoy being with someone who reads so much and talks about characters as if they’re real. Peter’s more of a ‘Let’s go out and hang’ type of guy and Tessa’s more of a ‘Let’s read books and recite poems to each other at the library’. Plus, coming from two different eras would really cause a rift in their relationship haha! Rip It! 

Rhysand from A Court of Thorns and Roses and Katy Swartz from The Lux Series

Oh! This is good! Rhysand can be an equivalent of Daemon really. Dark, strong, smart, powerful, albeit conceited but with really great, sweet, and loving motives underneath. Katy grows into such a strong character and if she can handle Daemon, she can handle Rhysand. They’ll also have some great flirtatious banter! Ship It!

Babe a.k.a Will Herondale (if you didn’t know) from The Infernal Devices & Hermione from Harry Potter

They’re both bookworms. Check. They’re both magical beings. Check. They’re both intelligent and great strategists. Check. They’re both great fighters. Check. They’re both loyal and selfless. Check. Check. and Check. Other than my gut saying to rip it because I ship no one else with Will except for me and Tessa (I guess, ha! jk), I think that they can potentially work out. I tentatively ship it!

Prince Maxon Schreave from The Selection & Cress from The Lunar Chronicles

Interesting! I think that Maxon is the exact prince charming that Cress was looking for in the beginning of the book, the one who would be her knight in shining armor and save her from Sybil. However, seeing their growth and development in their perspective series, it wouldn’t work out. Cress wouldn’t challenge Maxon like America does and Maxon wouldn’t make Cress feel alive like Thorne does. Rip it!

Dorian Havilliard & Celaena Sardothien broth from Throne of Glass

Holy ship! I ship it so much! I promise that this actually happened and I didn’t just pick it out! I was literally jumping off my bed when I picked these two haha. I was also secretly praying that I’d pick their names together! Power couple!! If you couldn’t tell from the many times I’ve said in this paragraph or on my blog haha I ship it!

Nikolai Lantsov from The Grisha Trilogy & Cinder from The Lunar Chronicles

Well, initially they’re a power couple since they’re both royalty haha. Let’s see. Cinder can definitely keep up with Nikolai’s sass and banter. I think they’re both very powerful and strong characters that care very much about the freedom and rights of their respective people. I think that if they were married to form an alliance, they would grow fond of each other and respect each other but I don’t think it would work romantically. (That’s because Nik is my other baby and Cinder and Kai are bae) Rip it!

Rowan Whitehorn from Heir of Fire & Feyre from A Court of Thorns and Roses

**spoiler** Last but not least! This one’s really good, too! They’re both fae, hey! Unfortunately, I think that’s as far as it go. I feel like Rowan would get so frustrated with Feyre. Feyre, while staying in the Spring Court, never bothered to learn how to fight or anything. She can hunt though but I mean Rowan is a beast warrior at everything and he doesn’t baby like Tamlin does. Tamlin sent Feyre away to be safe, whereas Rowan would be training her to face the battle. I don’t think Feyre can keep up with Rowan either. Rip It!

Books Chosen & the Authors:

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas
Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling
Percy Jackson & the Olympians by Rick Riordan
The Heir by Sarah J. Maas
The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare
The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer
The Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout
The Selection by Kiera Cass
Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas
To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

If you haven’t done this tag, I tag you to do it! It’s so much fun! If you end up doing it or if you’ve done it before, send me a link! I’d love to see what kind of mix you get! What did you think of my rip-its and ship-its (haha that sounded funny)?

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32 Responses to Rip It or Ship It Tag!

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  2. This looks like SO MUCH FUN! I was so excited when I saw that you did it. This is one of my favorite tags.
    Percy and Lara Jean may just be the WORST couple i’ve ever heard of. NO.
    And Celaena & Dorian? RIP IT.
    I always love these because people get the weirdest pairings. I really should do this.
    Also, I just tagged you in the Find Me tag. It would be awesome if you wanted to check it out and do it sometime.
    Olivia @ Fluttering Pages

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  3. I’m so glad you did this tag!!! Those couples were great!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Josephine says:

    I loved all your choices, even if I couldn’t relate to some! I enjoyed your little debates, this tag really makes me smile!
    And oh my gosh, Celaena and Dorian! Its fate! Even though I love Celaena and Chaol, I can totally ship her and Dorian together! Someone needs to be there for our prince and what he is going through xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! This tag is so much fun and it’s great to see so many different views and arguments.
      It is fate! I hope it is haha. The thing with Celaena is that she’s so shippable with all the guys in the books haha but what I love is that even though she is shippable, she doesn’t have to be because she doesn’t need a man. She’s so powerful and independent — ending up with someone is just an added bonus to the story lol
      I try to forget what Dorian is going through, I was so mad at the end of Heir of Fire! *prayer circle for our beloved prince*

      Liked by 1 person

      • Josephine says:

        That is so true. Celaena is honestly one of my favourite female protagonists and that is exactly why. She don’t need no man!
        Oh yes, HUGE prayer circle! I almost threw the book across the room in shock and horror at what happened to Dorian! Our poor baby! xoxo

        Liked by 1 person

  5. ravenblake99 says:

    Yay! Rhysand and Katy I’d definitely ship it but what about Daemon he’s kinda possessive over Katy i don’t think he’ll let her go easily LOL!.The last one Rowan and Feyre I think it’s a bit spoiler for whoever didn’t read the book yet. 🙂

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  6. I love this tag, but I’d find it so hard cause you almost have to throw out all your original ships in those books out the window! haha! Prince Kai and America, noooooo, that just sounds weird!

    Liked by 1 person

    • YES! That’s what makes it so hard. It’s like trying to think about a person without their ship and how they would react to a new ship and if the new ship would even get along. Hahaha! It would be really weird if that kind of pairing ever happened!


  7. Thinking of Percy and Lara Jean made my phiscally cringe lol. The more I thik about Hermione and Will, it’s not that bad. Really loved this tag! I’ve seen it so much lately, I think I may have to join the fun!

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  8. I don’t think that Will and Hermione would work… na, I just can’t even picture it. And not because of Will, but maybe because I think Hermione would need someone like Ron – I also think she wouldn’t work with Harry…

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  9. That looks like a lot of fun! I’ll have to give it a go! Love the will and hermione pairing!

    Liked by 1 person

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