#(f)mcm: Lucien from A Court of Thorns & Roses

Hi ya’ll! It’s Monday again. Does anyone else feel like the days are just breezing right past us? I do! Where did all the time go?! July is almost over but it feels as if it just started yesterday. It also feels like I haven’t done #(f)mcm in a long time! After changing my format, I decided I liked the changes I made to these posts so from now on, my #(f)mcm will be someone from a book I’ve read the past week!

Like I promised you, the main male characters from Sarah J. Mass’s A Court of Thorns and Roses will be making an appearance in this meme because … well, why not? They’re all pretty irresistible! You can read what I had to say about the leading man Tamlin here and the dark, dangerous, yet sexy Rhysand here! This week, I bring you the third man in this group: Lucien

Spoilers ahead (if you haven’t read ACOTAR): 


  • *loses train of thought* um … yeah, just look at that picture that SJ pinned on her ACOTAR board (Click on the picture to go to her ACOTAR board). Yes, please.
  • That cute face with that fiery hair
  • He’s High Fae and could’ve been High Lord of the Autumn Court but he threw it all away for love — that unfortunately didn’t end well
  • He is Tamlin’s emissary and a loyal one at that!
  • He’s caring, extroverted, chatty, laid back, sweet when he wants to be, and fierce. He has faith in Tamlin and Feyre
  • He’s insanely strong after what his father and brothers did to him, along with what Amarantha did to him, to get back from all that, I commend him
  • He’s got a heart of stone haha a big one, that loves Feyre, Lucien, and people of his court
  • My favorite thing about our Lucien here is his sense of humor! He’s got jokes, sarcasm, and sass! I love his banter with Feyre — I call it my brotp!
I love all three (Tamlin, Lucien, & Rhysand) and they all have something different to offer! Do you love Lucien? I’m excited to see more of his presence in the upcoming books. This ends it with the crushable men in ACOTAR, but looking through SJ’s pinterest, it looks like she’s got more irresistible guys lined up for us! Who’s your #(f)mcm today? Let me know!

Blog Announcement:

Along with this post, I just wanted to let my readers know that I’ll be starting new posts on my blog called: Kiss, Marry, Kill. I think that at one point of another, we’ve all played this game! Once a week, I’ll try to post up 3 options for you to choose from and we’ll discuss! I’ve already got a good list written up of characters, with editions and everything, but if you have any suggestions, shoot me an email or comment! I’m all ears!xoxo


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33 Responses to #(f)mcm: Lucien from A Court of Thorns & Roses

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  2. Omg I absolutely love Lucien! His sarcastic nature and banter with Feyre were one of the best things in the book. And Rhysand!! *Swoon* I know he’s going to redeem himself, I just know it! Feyre can have Tamlin, I’ll keep Rhysand, thanks! XD Can’t wait for the second book…it’s so far away…


  3. I LOVED LUCIAN SO MUCH OMG. But I have to say, my heart lies with Rhysand 🙂

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  4. Run Wright says:

    I’m not a fan of this genre these days but you make Lucien sound like a great character 🙂

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  5. ravenblake99 says:

    OMG! IS THAT LUCIEN *drool* *swoon* *sigh*
    I love Rhysand,Tamlin and Lucien and I hope there is more of Lucien in the sequel.I always loved the banters between Feyre and him.Great Post BTW! 🙂

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  6. Josephine says:

    Lucien 😍 I love him just as much as I love Rhysand and Tamlin. He charmed me right from the beginning with his outwardness and then his snark and humour! And then with his loyalty and daring nature to stand up for himself and those be cared about!

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  7. I love Lucien. I love all the men in ACOTAR, but I think that Lucien is my favorite, I just love his sass 🙂

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    • I think his sass is what makes him my favorite, too! How does Sarah J. Maas come up with such perfect men?!


      • I don’t know! I just finished a Throne of Glass yesterday, and Dorian and Chaol are so PERFECT too! 😀


        • Yes!!! I’m so glad you liked Throne of Glass 🙂 Dorian is bae haha


          • I was so pissed when she broke up with him 😦 (though I totally got her point and was kind of happy for Chaol… but she broke Dorian’s heart) 😦 I honestly can’t choose between the two, is that normal?! 😉


            • I understood her decision, too … until Crown of Midnight lol I was really pissed then xD. But yeah for almost everyone who reads the series, they have a tough time choosing in the same book lol they usually pick in the second and then the third throws them off 😉 — I’ve always picked Dorian though. But good luck lol you’ve got a long way to go :p have you read Assassin’s Blade?


            • I’m reading Crown of Midnight now (just started).

              I haven’t read the Assassin’s Blade, I didn’t buy it right away because I wasn’t sure how into the series I would get, but I’ll have to get it soon.

              I have a soft spot for Dorian, maybe it’s the eyes, or all the sass, lol, or the fact that he was willing to fight for her and she wasn’t 😦


            • I hope you enjoy it!! So far, I think HoF is my favorite.
              Oh ok that’s smart! I love Assassin’s Blade, you get to know Sam 😢!
              Haha its all that sass :p and he’s so sweet. He got her a puppy and books! He got her books and that’s always a winner in my eyes haha. I love his loyalty to her ahhh!


            • It’s weird, because usually when there’s a love triangle, there’s the obvious good guy and then the dangerous one with all the sass, but I think that Sarah J. Maas did something different here, because they are both good and loyal, but Dorian that has all the sass and “dangerous/womaniser” qualities about him, is also so sweet… oh, I have to stop thinking about fictional perfect guys in the middle of work, lol

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            • Haha yes. You’re right! There’s also always a clear winner in love triangles and Maas makes it really hard here. You’ll see in the series how much growth Dorian goes through and it’s just spectacular and he matures so much, makes him more perfect in my eyes haha. Woooops haha its distracting from your work xD


            • ohhh, now I just want to pick up the book!! 🙂
              Does she even explains the romance he had before? (with the girl which name I forgot)


            • Too bad you can’t read at work lol
              No she doesn’t really, I guess it’s to show that what he thought he felt back then wasn’t as real or meaningful as what he feels now for Celaena (we need more of his POV!). I even forgot he had a romance before her lol


            • lol, in ToG is mentioned 3 times I think… and yeah, I need more of his POV. Actually, that really surprised me and I was so glad for it, that she did all of the three POV’s, so we can clearly see what each of them feels for the other


            • Whoops! And I just reread Throne of Glass lol. I’m gonna reread Crown of Midnight soon. Preparing myself for Queen of Shadows in September.
              I like that she did all their POVs too. She makes you fall in love with her characters lol


            • yeah 🙂 I feel for Dorian as soon as he is seeing her watching the stars. which is so lame of me. I can’t wait for ACOTAR #2 though 😀


            • Totally not lame, everyone loves that scene and the quote about her watching the stars lol. Me either and ACOTAR just came out a couple months back. We’ve got a lot of time to wait.


            • true! way too many months =/, oh well, I guess I still have 3 books (4 in september) of ToG to enjoy and keep myself entertained 🙂

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