Bookish Ramblings: Books That Made Me Cry


Since I have yet to finish a book for reviews, I decided to do some bookish ramblings. Authors and their books have this way of eliciting a multitude of emotions from us. When books make me go through a rollercoaster of feelings, well, it sticks to me. Most of the time, it’s because of the author’s writing and sometimes it’s just the situation that the characters find themselves in.

Now, if you’ve followed my blog long enough, you’d know that I cry very easily. I cry when I’m sad, happy, laughing, angry, name an emotion, I’ve probably cried at one point when I felt it. I cry when I read. I cry when I watch movies. I cry when I see widowed fathers — I honestly, don’t know why. I’m an emotional mess haha. I think it has to do with my empathy and compassion. I always put myself in the their shoes and think about how I’d feel if my brother died, or my boyfriend left me, or I lost my home. Books that I cry over usually tend to become my favorites — it’s not the case every time though.

I can write a book of all the books that have made me cry because it’s a lot. So, I settled with the top ten books that made me cry the most. Let’s get started! There really aren’t any spoilers ahead, unless you’re really that perceptive — but if you want to be safe, you’re more than welcome to skip my explanations.

Books That Made Me Cry (and by cry I mean sob)


(If only I looked that put together when I cry, but I mean come on, it’s Dean Winchester!)

clockwork prince clockwork princess

1. Clockwork Prince and Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare: Let’s start with CP. It was one chapter that unraveled me — I call it the truth chapter because you find out the truth and certain characters find out the truth and in the end your heart is crushed. Now CP2, I can write a whole essay about why this book made me cry. First of all, it was the last book in my favorite trilogy. How can I say goodbye to Will Herondale?!? Then, everything that happens. Don’t even get me started on that epilogue. It may be the best epilogue that I’ve ever hated haha.

assassin's blade heir of fire

2. The Assassin’s Blade and Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas. The ending of Assassin’s just killed me. I was literally numb. I couldn’t breathe. It was too painful. Heir‘s ending was equally heartbreaking for me — you’d know why if you knew who my 2nd favorite character is in this series and what happens to them. Luckily for me, I read it after Assassin’s and I had no tears left to cry. I was just dry sobbing by then.

the fault in our stars

3. The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. This is one of those books where I cried but I didn’t love the book. I actually didn’t like the book that much, mostly because of the writing. I know, I know. How dare I? Green’s writing style isn’t for me but I cried because of the situation. These kids have cancer and that hits close to home. My dad died (and came back to life–thank you God) because of cancer and thinking about that alone just makes me start tearing up.

the summer i turned pretty it's not summer without you we'll always have summer

3. The Summer Trilogy by Jenny Han: The Summer I Turned Pretty, It’s Not Summer Without Youand We’ll Always Have Summer. So. Much. Drama. But I love the closeness that the two families displayed and all the drama between them, almost driving them apart was really hard for me to read. The cancer card with Conrad’s and Jeremiah’s mom got me here, too.


4. Opal by Jennifer L. Armentrout. The ending of this book really surprised me. It caught me so off guard, I had to read it over again and I just couldn’t believe it. I was crying and begging that what I read wasn’t true. It was a mess. It was even worse when I read it in Daemon’s point of view. I think I almost passed out from hyperventilating.

order of the phoenix deathly hallows

5. Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling. Okay, who did not cry in these two books?! Because I give you props for having such a strong heart and you need to teach me your ways! It’s like JKR thought, “Okay, let’s take Anjie’s 4 favorite characters and give them the worst endings.” Still not over it.


6. Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins. Don’t let the cheery title deceive you like it did me! This was so not the happy I was thinking! — Okay, it was but getting there was no treat. What made me cry the most was Isla and everything she faced. We’re one in the same. Might as well call it Anjie and the Happily Ever After when I was reading it. (Any takers on being my Josh Sanderson??)

if i stay

7. If I Stay by Gayle Forman. Anything involving family deaths will do it for me. Within the first 20 pages of the book (or just the synopsis alone), you find out that Mia’s parents instantly died. I have a close family, as close as Mia’s and while I read If I Stay, I couldn’t help but think what I would do if I was in Mia’s position. Would I want to stay? Would you?

book thief

8. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Here’s another instant cry for me: World War 2/The Holocaust. Have you ever seen Life is Beautiful (La Vita é Bella)? Death by drowning in tears. Book Thief had the same effect on me. It was one of those books that made me think beyond the characters in the pages. I thought about the Jews and those who helped them and how they faced persecution and gruesome deaths for no reason at all. I thought about their fear and desperation. Then the book’s ending hits you like a tidal wave and there’s no coming back.

the one

9. The One by Kiera Cass. There were happy tears here but there were some very, very sad tears, too. There was a moment in the book where it was touch-and-go and I was shaking from the uncertainty. When things blew up, it was like the anticipation was killing you and then people got hurt and it was no longer the anticipation.


10. Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. Here’s another favorite trilogy of mine coming to an end. Too many characters that I loved were hurt in this book and reading about their pain or their deaths hurt me so much. Collins had such a way of writing these books and letting the characters go was tough. I can’t say more without spoiling the book but to read the pain in Katniss’s point of view was really painful.

Are you an easy crier (is that even a word)? Do you cry when you read books?  Which books have made you cry? Or if you don’t cry when you read (or have no soul — totally kidding!), which books have brought you close to tears? Talk to me about them below!


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30 Responses to Bookish Ramblings: Books That Made Me Cry

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  3. The Fault In Our Stars was pretty rough for me. As was Allegiant.
    I’m the kind of person that hardly cries at anything. And you’re pretty much the exact opposite.
    Opal! That was such a surprising ending and reading it from Daemon’s POV was absolutely heartbreaking. That was a really sad one.
    If I Stay. The beginning of that book I found really sad. (When her family dies) But I actually had a really hard time with the movie. I was getting kind of teary in this one scene where she’s still in a coma and her grandfather is talking to her and I almost lost it.
    With The Assassins Blade I think I was more shocked than anything. (even though it shouldn’t have been that shocking) If I was a crier, Sarah J. Maas’ books would definitely bring me to tears just because of all the feels.
    Olivia @ Fluttering Pages

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    • Haha for a non-crier, I’m surprise you almost lost it at the end of If I Stay! I cried throughout the whole book haha and the movie made me cry because I kept thinking about the book and that grandfather scene had me sobbing oh my. Celaena’s reaction to Sam’s body was what got me and how she curled up by him, ugh my heart!


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  5. Only one book in this list has made me cry. And that is all your fault. I applaud you lol


  6. Deathly Hallows killed me emotionally,and while I loved the ending, I was just so sad that it was over. The Fault in Our Stars was definiteyl a cry book. My last big one is surprisngly Allegiant. Me and that book have a love/hate relationship, but there was defintiely parts that made me cry.

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  7. lulusrantsandreads says:

    I’m a crier. Goodness gracious am I a crier! I remember reading Burned by Ellen Hopkins and my dad didn’t even notice I had tears streaming down my face. My mom came in and was like OMG! 😂😂

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  8. Carolyn says:

    I don’t usually cry in books actually! If you do, it’s probably more a factor of my emotional state at the time, if I’m reading in a bad mood or something. However, I definitely did cry at the end of Clockwork Princess. It was like a mishmash of the beauty of the proposal and seeing them grow old together was definitely bittersweet. I also cried at the end of Champion by Marie Lu and at the end of The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa.

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  9. Books don’t tend to make me literally cry, I always feel really sad but no tears. The Book Thief came pretty damn close, I was more shocked than tearful in Heir of Fire, I just couldn’t believe what happened. The ending of Noughts and Crosses came close to making me cry as well and some scenes in Unwind and Undivided also came close as well as both Harry Potter books you mentioned.

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  10. Josephine says:

    Just like you, I am an emotional mess most of the time. There are so many things that make me cry. Sometimes someone will be telling a story and something they say will just start making the tears stream down my face.
    Heir of Fire, Isla, Mockingjay, The Fault In Our Stars… all those books made me cry too! And they also made it to my favourites list! Another book that left me crying was A Monster Calls, Allegiant, and others that I can’t think of! But honestly, I love it when books make me cry.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha oh no! That I can’t do, I hate crying in front of people xD. Oh man! Allegiant! That made me cry so much, too. Almost made the list. When it switched over to Tobias’s point of view, ugh so much pain! I love it when books make me cry too. I hate it when my sister sees me though and then says don’t sweat it, it’s just a book. Like no.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Josephine says:

        Yes! I was literally balling my eyes out while reading Tobias’s entire point of view.
        Oh man, when people say that, it just really annoys me. Like NO ITS NOT JUST A BOOK! 😁

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  11. I’ve found someone who cries as much as me about books! YAY! I’m so glad I’m not the only one. Most of the books mentioned in this post are ones that I have cried over! 😦

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  12. Keira says:

    I sobbed at Cedric and Sirius but was prepared for Dumbledore and Hedwig

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