I’m Back!

End of Hiatus

I’m back! Sort of — well, my family from Philly left so now that I’m left to my own devices, I can focus on my blog. However, since they were here I haven’t been able to do anything blog related and I didn’t get to read at all, so I might not be putting up reviews anytime soon. That, though, depends on how fast I read Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare. I just have to get back on that reading groove.

I had such a great vacation! I went kayaking in Key Largo, had a pizza party, played Mario Party, biked 15 miles in the Everglades (I almost died lol) and it was all so much fun. I’ll have pictures down below just for fun! It was really sad when they left, I hadn’t seen my cousin in years. It was hard not to cry when your cousin starts crying and then your aunt and your other cousin doesn’t want to leave. Ugh. I was a mess. Anyway, thanks for being amazing followers and for all the nice words from my previous post!



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