Weeklong Hiatus

Weeklong Hiatus

Hi y’all! I just wanted to let you guys know that I will be taking a hiatus. It’ll only last a week (thank God) or else I think I’ll go crazy. I have family from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania coming to visit so I won’t have time to post, much less read anything — booo! I’ll try to schedule in some posts like my Top Ten Tuesday or #(f)mcm on Monday but I can’t promise anything. I’m so excited because I haven’t seen my cousin in over two years and all the cousins will finally be together, doing family nature stuff like kayaking and biking through the Everglades. Fun stuff.

gifI hope that you guys have a great week. If you need to contact me or talk about books or anything at all, you can comment on any of my posts, email me (click my Contact tab), send me a tweet, comment on Instagram or Goodreads and anything social media because I’ll have my phone on me. I’ll miss you all! Happy Reading!!



11 thoughts on “Weeklong Hiatus

  1. We’ll miss you! Don’t worry, we will be anxiously awaiting your next post, but feel good about your break! Don’t let yourself think and worry about your blog, we won’t leave. 😄
    I hope you have a wonderful week haitus with your family and what not! xoxo

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