Review: The Demon Inside by M. L. Sparrow

The Demon Inside by M. L. Sparrow
Published: May 11, 2015
299 pages
Source/Edition: Provided by author in exchange for an honest review, PDF
Summary provided by Goodreads

Darcy was a perfectly normal teenage girl, enjoying the summer after completing her A Levels with her boyfriend Alec. Until the night strange creatures begin falling from the sky, infecting people and transforming them into crazed, animalistic cannibals.
Having lost everything in one foul swoop – her parents, her home and all future plans – all Darcy can do is try to protect the people she does have left. Together, she and Alec, along with her younger sister, sarcastic best-friend, Alec’s alcoholic father and the family dog, set off on a journey to find somewhere safe in a world where everything is different.
However, when they do finally discover a haven, a place to call home again, can they remain? And who will survive?

My Review

gifFirst, I want to say that the book cover freaks me the heck out! Those eyes *shudder*. I couldn’t sleep the first night I started reading this because I kept imaging one of those things standing in front of my bed and if I opened my eyes, I’d see those white eyes staring back at me and then lunge for my throat. I don’t know why it scared me so much because I watch zombie shows and films. I love The Walking Dead, Supernatural, and Resident Evil and so on. I have an overactive imagination so I never, I mean never, pick up horror books. I don’t know if this falls under horror but I feel like anything that scares me, I’ll call it horror.

Anyway, back to the book haha. It was very well-written and it was really fast paced. The prologue will definitely pull your interest and then the shift to the beginning of the story will make you forget that this is a zombie book. We start off with Darcy’s whirlwind romance with Alec and they’re that couple that’s so cute, it makes you want to throw up. So their world is turned upside down and they lose loved ones in the process. This book made me cry. There were a lot of losses and how it was written was fantastic. I also like that this was set in England — I love different settings outside of the US. So beware that the characters use British lingo that Americans don’t use — it’s not that hard to figure out what the word is though.

I enjoyed the characters too. Darcy was the bright person of the group, along with her sister, who is appropriately named Hope. Callie and Alec’s butting relationship provides some good comic relief. I think my favorite though was Mac. He really grew on me. The plot and concept was great but I did have more questions about the whole zombie thing. I would’ve liked more detail on that but that would mean a longer book. Some of the things that happened reminded me of The Walking Dead but I guess similar things happen when you have a similar antagonist.

The ending. I was really mad haha almost to the point of taking down a star but that would be unfair. Unfair because I really liked the book. While it wasn’t perfect, I knew that it was definitely more than 3-stars. The ending was a huge plot twist! Honestly, this book was laced with lots of surprising plot twists haha. Before I continue to the ending, I just want to say that a lot of the deaths were surprising. It was just so quick and you never saw it coming. Moving on, the ending really shocked me and I wish it ended differently. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I was faced with a zombie apocalypse (I actually have an escape plan … that involves Costco haha) but I know I would’ve done something differently — yeah, just writing around it without spoiling the ending. I did like the epilogue and I wish there was more! It was really good!

Picking up a copy of The Demon Inside is taking a chance on the author but it’s worth it; even if you’re not a fan of horror like me! It was a really great read and I look forward to other books Sparrow has in store for us!xoxo


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  7. Great review!
    I hadn’t heard of this book before. I has a very 5th Wave like ring to it.
    But the concept sounds cool (at first I didn’t realize this was a zombie book).
    OH and that cover. SO CREEPY.
    Olivia @ Fluttering Pages

    Liked by 1 person

    • I haven’t read 5th wave but it can be. This one had like lights coming down from the sky and inhabiting a person, so it was a different kind of zombie concept. Woo! Glad I’m not the only one freaked out over the cover haha


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