Best & Worst Couples in YA


Shipping has been going on ever since a semblance of romance appeared — before it was even termed shipping. Now it’s one of my favorite things about reading books. I love seeing the formation of relationships and discussing them with others. Jumping from an earlier post of mine on Romance in Novels, I decided to talk about actual couples from books in: Best & Worst Couples in YA. (I did YA because it’s the genre I read most from). So, pretty much this is a post on my favorite and least favorite ships!

Before I continue, I would like to say that the following couples are based solely on my opinion and there is no factual evidence to back it up. You are more than welcome to (respectfully) go against my opinion. Please don’t hate me haha
Best Couples
wessa  celaena  tamlin daemon  cinder  thorne raffe  percabeth  isla

Other ships that I love: Lara Jean & Peter Kavinsky from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han, Cath & Levi from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, Jon Snow & Ygritte from A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin, Sydney & Adrian from Bloodlines by Richelle Mead, and Peeta & Katniss from The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Worst Couples
shatter me  scarlet  julian chaol  malina  tva Galeniss  unearthly  hp
Who would you say is the best and worst couple in YA? Do you agree with any of my picks? I know I’ve got some very, very unpopular picks for worst couples but I mean no harm. Let me know below!


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40 Responses to Best & Worst Couples in YA


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  2. Prima says:

    Glad to see I’m not the only only who’s not a Wolf and Scarlet shipper! I just don’t get the feels about reading about them because for me, they have no chemistry. Percabeth on the other hand… 😀

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    • I agree! I feel like their relationship is so forced and then for it to be so intense and full of love after they’ve known each other for like a day and Scarlet found out he was involved with her Grandma’s disappearance. Percabeth is perfect! I love them so much!

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  3. I can say this because we semi-know each other and you know I’m totally joking but CHECK YOSELF re: Wolfe and Scarlet O_O OTP FOREVER. *hugs you* *love everywhere*


    Also Dimitri. What a stick in the mud.

    I’m refraining from commenting about Throne of Glass because I’m so confused on what I ship. I don’t even know anymore. Really I just want a permanent platonic soulmate-ship in Rowan/Celaena, and an OTP of Celaena with her throne and ruling as the fabulous lady that she is. #dontneednoman

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    • HAHAH yeah I don’t know. They’re just not my cup of tea. I liked Scarlet but I can’t say the same for Wolf *eeeep, don’t hate me* haha.

      Yeah Mal was just so infuriating! He was okay in the first book but as the trilogy went on, other people outshined him. I loved Nikolai the most and the Darkling was crazy complex and Mal’s like a dud.

      Wooooo! Someone else who doesn’t like Dimitri ahah and to think I used to like him

      Never have I ever read a book with a girl who can be shipped with so many guys but then not matter because she doesn’t a guy! It’s so great haha I’d be happy with who she ends up with, as long as it’s not Chaol lol. I’d be happy if she doesn’t end up with anybody, too. I’d be the happiest if Sam wasn’t really dead and they ended up together lol


  4. We are in total agreement over Mal and Alina, Mal annoys me to no end. And I will always love the Darkling. Unfortunately.

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  5. Carolyn says:

    I pretty much agree with your best couples except for Captain Thorne and Cress and Tamlin and Feyre and I haven’t read the Lux series so I wouldn’t know. I actually like Celaena and Chaol! But I hate Gale and Katniss. Peeta and Katniss forever haha

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    • I hope you get to read them! They’re great books. Haha yeah a lot of people love Chaol and Celaena, I’m one of the few that don’t. Yes! Peeta and Katniss!!!

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      • Carolyn says:

        Why don’t you like Chaol and Calaena? :p


        • Haha I liked the easiness between Dorian and Celaena. I like how together they can do something powerful, they can make a change and they both want to. With that relationship, Celaena has to overcome such a hurdle, to love a Havilliard after what they did to Terrasen. And I just really love Princes lol

          As for Chaol, he was too rigid for me. know that he lightens up in the end but before I continue, have you read Crown of Midnight and Heir of Fire already? I don’t want to accidentally ruin anything lol

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          • Carolyn says:

            lol i see where you’re coming from, at least in the first book. And yes, I’ve read Crown of Midnight and Heir of Fire so don’t worry about spoilers. 🙂

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            • Ok good, glad I cleared that out of the way. I mainly don’t like them together because of how everything was handled in CoM when they started getting serious. They stopped hanging out and talking to Dorian and avoiding them. I know that they didn’t need “permission” or were obligated to tell Dorian about it but a little heads up, he deserves that much. He’s Chaol’s best friend and knowing Dorian, he would’ve been okay with it.

              I didn’t think it was handled maturely in their part. It also happened to be really difficult time for Dorian because Celaena dumped him and he was like in love with her and then his powers started showing up and he had no one to talk to about it, no one to help him. That just really angered me because they were Dorian’s two best friends and in one day or so, he loses them both.

              I’m more angry at Chaol than Celaena because Chaol has been there way before Celaena was in the picture. I also don’t think Chaol deserves Celaena. He still sided with the King, knowing that Celaena would be able to protect Nehemiah. I mean that’s not entirely his fault because he doesn’t know how deep betrayal runs with Celaena. But he still sided with the King. Along with that, once he found out she was Aelin he freaked. He didn’t like that part of her and he just wanted the plain, magic-less Celaena and how can you love someone without loving everything about them and accepting them. Dorian did and I love that scene in HoF where he tells Chaol off about how Chaol feels about Aelin. I’m glad he finally picked her and Dorian’s side but for me, it was too late. It might’ve gone differently.

              So yeah, that’s why lol

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            • Carolyn says:

              I agree with you on the accepting all of her which is probably why they’re not together right now cause I’m still willing to give him time to accept Celaena for who she is. I feel like he needed time though because it’s basically his job to be loyal to the King. He’s literally Captain of the Guard designed to protect the king. Dorian doesn’t feel the same loyalty to his father. I mean, he was already rebelling against his father from the first book. I think for Dorian, it’s easier for him to accept because he’s had to deal with it firsthand whereas Chaol doesn’t really know what having magic entails. Yeah I kinda agree with you about them leaving Dorian though even though I think Maas was trying to develop their storylines separately. I mean Dorian and Chaol barely interacted in Heir of Fire if I remember and Dorian was mostly with his healer (I forgot her name). I mean honestly sometimes I don’t even feel Chaol and Dorian are best friends. I wish Maas showed that more in the books. It’s been a while since I’ve read the books though so I could be forgetting things.


            • Yeah he is the Captain of the Guard but even with that loyalty, to stand behind what he was doing to innocent people and what he did to Aelin’s parents, I don’t know, I just couldn’t accept that lol. I think that Maas showed it well in the first book, they had jokes and were hanging out and talking and all that basically stops in the 2nd book and 3rd. I can’t wait until Queen of Shadows this September.

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            • Carolyn says:

              Well they basically had no interaction in the third book so that sucked for me but I understood it..
              And me too! The third book was kind of a disappointment to me but I think its leading to something epic

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  6. Scarlet and Wolfe are the worst, but that probably comes from my overall disliking of Wolff. Percabeth for the win!

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  7. Yes! I think Mal and Aline are just about the worst couple ever. Also, Cath and Levi are THE BEST. Love them so much. I’d even throw in Wren and Jandro even though they don’t get a lot of screen time.

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  8. Josephine says:

    I agree that Celaena and Dorian are a great couple, but i will go down with the ship of Chaol and Celaena.
    Josh and Isla are a beautiful couple! And Penryn and Raffe… I ship them SO MUCH! Loved this post! xoxo

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  9. beckmank says:

    Yay for Annabeth and Percy! I will say I love Ron and Hermione. They started out completely annoyed with each other, and we got to see them become best friends. Then from that friendship their love. I feel like they are a rock solid couple who will weather all that life brings.

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    • Percabeth is the best! I can’t say that I hate Ron and Hermione together. I just didn’t really do much shipping in the Harry Potter series because there were other greater things to be focused on than the romance so I felt like the romances were not exactly forced but random (?). I don’t know if that makes any sense at all haha

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  10. Anjie, you’re breaking my little shipper heart.
    I ship Warner & Juliette and Celaena & Chaol both so much. And Wolfe and Scarlet are so cute!
    But I completely agree with Gale & Katniss for worst couple. NO. THIS NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN A THING. PEETA ❤
    But you do have some great couples! Percy and Annabeth are my OTP and I love them so much. And I LOVE Katy and Daemon and Cinder and Kai.
    I just still can't believe it…another Dorian/Celaena shipper *shakes head*
    Great post! 😀
    Olivia @ Fluttering Pages

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    • Ahhh! I know, I know! I knew I was going to break some hearts with my least favorite ships. I couldn’t read past Shatter Me because I heard about Warner and Juliette and it was a ship I couldn’t back up so I stopped reading.

      I think I would’ve been okay with Chaol and Celaena if they had handled their relationship in Crown of Midnight a lot better and didn’t isolate Dorian from everything. I was really angry at how poorly handled it was especially since these two were Dorian’s only friends and they couldn’t give him the decency of being up front about it. I’m more angry about Chaol than Celaena because Chaol is his best friend since before Celaena was even in the picture and he handled it like that.

      Wolfe and Scarlet felt too quick, too forced for me to like. Gale couldn’t be with Katniss, he’d never understand or be able to help her with PTSD because he never went through the Hunger Games.

      Haha, we’re a small family, Dorian/Celaena shippers, but we’re out there and we’ve (bleak) hope that it’ll happen lol

      Thanks for stopping by!


  11. Percy and Annabeth is closest to OTP-status because they’re seen together a lot in real life. Well, at least they have been. I don’t know about now. (That’s the only one I know of at least from this list).

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  12. Annie says:

    There are some on here that are very interesting just because I don’t particularly agree haha… Like Chaol & Celaena. Honestly I just never saw the chemistry between Dorian & Celaena and with Crown of Midnight, I actually really liked Chaol & Celaena. They definitely have things to sort out together but I’m excited for that to happen and to see how it progresses! I’m reading the Assassin’s Blade though so both ships (and Rowan & Celaena which absolutely confuses me because how?) are falling to the side because SAM & CELAENA.

    And as for Rose & Dimitri, I have conflicting thoughts… At first I did really like them but then as the series progressed, the age difference became more apparent to me and it just got a little weird and creepy. I’m still kinda up in the air with them but it’s definitely a creepier vibe I’m getting than when I first started the book.

    Anyway I did enjoy this post a lot though. Very interesting and of the books I did read, it was cool to see your rankings and I agreed you with for the most part (like Peeta & Katniss, LJ & Kavinsky, Josh & Isla although I am still iffy on Ron & Hermione too. I always felt like they were kinda forced together but I guess it doesn’t bug me as much because… I was used to it? I have to say that Ginny & Harry bugs me way more than Ron & Hermione. I just never got that at all, on Harry’s part anyway) 🙂

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    • Haha that’s okay, we agree to disagree. Yeah, Chaol and Celaena in CoM, I just couldn’t back up because of how they handled things with Dorian. It’s not like they have the obligation to tell Dorian about their relationship or get his approval but Chaol should’ve talked to Dorian first in my opinion since they’re best friends. Then they pretty much isolated and avoided Dorian and that just got me to dislike that ship even more. Then things in HoF made me not like that ship even more — I won’t say more because I don’t know if you’ve read it. I also agree, if it were possible, I’d love Sam and Celaena together.

      I did like them at first, too. The age didn’t bother me as much as it should have because honestly thinking back, it was pretty creepy. Then in the movie, the age difference looked even more substantial so I was grossed out even more lol. My main problem with them was towards the end when they cheated on Adrian. I don’t ship Adrian and Rose, terrible couple, but they should’ve had the decency to not do anything until Rose ended things with Adrian.

      Thanks! Yes! I felt like Ron and Hermione were forced, too. I think the film handled it better, adding in like little looks or touches that the book didn’t have. But I still feel like they’re mismatched. I actually felt like a lot of the romance in HP was forced. I wasn’t expecting any romance and the the plot with Voldemort was so big that it didn’t need those story arcs. Still amazing books though! Thanks for stopping by! Means a lot!


      • Annie says:

        oh i know what you mean! just the fact that dorian and chaol’s entire friendship went up in flames basically over celaena just killed me. i’ve always hated that part. and i have read HoF and honestly that didn’t ruin things for chaolaena for me. like chaol definitely has his own issues to sort out but i have hope for them although quite frankly im really hoping to not see much romance in queen of shadows. right now im very happy with celaena rocking it by herself as aelin, theres going to be so much else going on that i feel like chaolaena should be put off for a bit. but omg yes sam and celaena. now that im reading the assassin’s blade its hard for me to even picture what i loved about chaol & celaena bc sam and celaena are AMAZING. im having a hard time wrapping my head about how she eventually managed to move on from him bc i dont think i can ever.

        and omg the movie was horrid. dimitri was so ick and everything was just so wrong. made me really sad because i loved the vampire academy books!


        • I hope that they get to rekindle that friendship! I hope that Dorian and Celaena get to rebuild their friendship, too. If they don’t end up together, they can still forge a great alliance in the future haha.

          I love Aelin and I can see her not ending up with anybody because she’s so kick butt. There’s gonna be so many things going on in Queen of Shadows so maybe romance won’t be such a big story arc. I can’t wait to see Aelin and Aedion meet!

          Ugh Sam! I wish that his story wasn’t over and didn’t end that way. I had this hope that maybe he wasn’t dead lol but SJ confirmed it and ugh. Good luck finishing Assassin’s Blade lol

          Right?! It felt like the movie was more of a parody of the books than an adaptation!


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