#(f)mcm: Alex Sheathes


Happy Fictional Man Crush Monday! I hope your guys’ Monday is off to a great star. This week, my man crush Monday is a blast from the past! It’s also a special #(f)mcm because I feel the need to defend my choice this week. He was there before I knew about Will Herondale or Daemon Black or any of the past #(f)mcm that I’ve put up. So here we go: I’d like to give a warm welcome to Alex Sheathes! Caution: this week’s #(f)mcm will contain spoilers after the line.

deliriumYou can find him in Lauren Oliver’s Delirium trilogy. You first meet Alex in Delirium as Lena’s love interest. He also has his own short story, appropriately titled: Alex. I’m going to put it out there. You’ll find no one, absolutely no one, who loves and supports Alex as much as I do — I’ll explain the controversy later in the post.

Alex, in one word, is beautiful. He’s got an old soul. He is the human form of love in a world where the government has convinced its citizens that love is a form of disease called amor deliria nervosa. He’s the bright light in the darkness of new America. His hair is auburn like the “leaves in autumn.” His gold eyes are “sweet, melted brown, like syrup”. Isn’t that just a beautiful and poetic-like description. Gotta love Lauren Oliver.

“I told you,” he whispers back. I can feel his breath just tickling the space behind my ear, making my hair prick up on my neck. “I like you.”
“You don’t know me,” I say quickly.
“I want to, though.”

He’s the cutest and the sweetest. He’ll have you believing in love even when you’ve been accustomed and trained to believe that it’s dangerous. He’s a lover and a fighter. He’ll fight for what’s right and he’d sacrifice his life for you, literally. Alex is down to earth. He loves having fun. You can always spot him with a wide smile on his face or you’ll find him laughing. That’s how Lena first sees him. He can be serious though and displays a great amount of empathy. He’s a good liar but he’s needed to do this to stay alive in this world. But he would never lie about how he feels about you. Alex is just plain awesome.

“And how she looked at me like I could save her from everything bad in he world. This was my secret: she was the one who saved me”

There’s been a controversy surrounding Alex ever since Requiem was published. It was terrible. I, of course, was on Alex’s side but he was never the same after Delirium. I got into actual arguments with people about how Alex acted in Requiem and how he treated Lena. It was awful. While I don’t condone his behavior, I understand it. I understand why he was so mean to her, why he flirted with another girl in front of her, and why he told her he never loved her. If it’s not obvious, I disliked Julian and I was mad at Lena for moving on because a) I knew he couldn’t be dead, why couldn’t she? b) they kept Lena’s mom alive in the crypts, why wouldn’t they leave Alex there? c) Alex had this faith and hope that you’d be reunited again, why didn’t she have it? I was just very mad.

Every time I meet someone who is about to read Requiem, I tell them to read Alex’s short story first. It really gives you an insight. I believe that I am so adamant about Alex’s right to be angry because I read his short story first. We see, not just how he was tortured, but the extent of it. We see how he relied on his hope of being with Lena again to keep him alive. He used her and their relationship as a crutch during the guards’ torture. After all that and then everything he did to find her, he happens to overhear her promising another guy that they’ll be together forever. You know, the same thing she promised Alex in Delirium. I’m not trying to hate on Lena because I really don’t. But I’m here to try to stop the Alex hate. Anyway, how would you feel if you were in his situation? Would you just be like, “okay, it’s cool, see you around.” or would you lash out a little?

Of course Alex was bitter. Of course he was angry. Of course he didn’t understand. He even explains why he can’t understand in Requiem. People were very angry that he was talking and flirting with Coral. I’m sorry, but is that a crime? Obviously, Lena’s been doing that with Julian. No one is saying about that. Was he flirting with Coral just to make Lena jealous? Maybe yes. Maybe no. We don’t really know. Maybe he was actually trying to move on from Lena. If people think that Alex should’ve stopped talking to Coral in front of Lena, then they should also think the same about Lena talking to Julian in front of Alex.

As for Alex telling Lena that he never loved her, I couldn’t understand how Lena believed him. Okay, he’s a really good liar but after all they’ve been through, and the fact that Alex got shot up and sacrificed his life for her, how could she even think he didn’t love her. As if everyone just sacrifices their lives for fun. If the love of your life has moved on and is in a well-known relationship with someone else, plus you have to see and live with them everyday, wouldn’t you say you never loved them just to try and save face? Maybe he’s acting like it’s not bothering him. Deep down I know Alex (as if he was real haha) and I know that he did everything he did because a) he’s madly in love with Lena and b) he’s devastated.

Again, I don’t condone his actions nor do I think he acted appropriately. Honestly, they both should’ve been locked in a room and talked it out but that’s what pride does to us. He made a mistake. He does realize this and apologizes to Lena, as well as sacrifice his own happiness for hers. Okay, I’m going to end my rant her but believe me, I’ve still got a lot to say. Like I said, I’m the #1 Alex Sheathes defender.

Who’s your #(f)mcm this week? Do you love Alex, too? Shoot me a comment below!


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