#(f)mcm: Nikolai Lantsov


Hello! I hope you’re all having a great Monday! I don’t know how my Monday’s going because I’m writing this in advance haha but I’m probably sleeping for work. This week, I introduce you to the cutie from The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo, and by cutie, I don’t mean Mal … or the Darkling (I still don’t understand this) for some people.

siege and stormNikolai Lantsov goes by many names but his official title is very wordy. Nikolai Lantsov, Major of the Twenty-Second Regiment, Soldier of the King’s Army, Grand Duke of Udova, and second son to His Most Royal Majesty, King Alexander the Third, Ruler of the Double Eagle Throne. He also goes by Sturmhund. Wolf of the Waves. Commander of the Volkvolny, scourge of the True Sea. Told you it was long. You meet him in Siege and Storm and he’s hiding himself as Sturmhund. You never know what he’s thinking but you can definitely trust him. He’s quite the looker with his golden blond hair and hazel eyes.


He’s … good at everything. Okay, okay. He’s not perfect but let me list the ways! He’s strong, powerful, handsome, cunning, and proficient with all kinds of weapons. He’s flirty and hilarious. He truly loves Ravka and will die fighting for his country. He is loyal and he’s an amazing leader. His soldiers and citizens follow him without question. He’s light-hearted and laid back. Don’t let it fool you though! He’s serious when he has to be. Did anyone else love the scene in court where he took control and pretty much had his father exiled?!? He’s a social butterfly and makes a better King than his older brother and father.

Who’s your #(f)mcm this week? How do you feel about Nikolai? Did you like him more than Mal?


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6 Responses to #(f)mcm: Nikolai Lantsov

  1. I love Nikolai! But I’m so conflicted, when Alina’s with Mal, my heart sings but then it also sings when Nikolai’s flirting with her haha. I definitely agree with you about the Darkling…I just don’t get it.


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