#(f)mcm: Levi from Fangirl


Happy Monday! This post is coming in late today because I got called into work last minute but hey, I’m getting paid right? That only means it’s funding my book addiction. I’m currently writing this while watching Dancing with the Stars. Anyone else tuned in? Who are you going for? I missed some of it so I’m rooting for Willow Shields because Mark Ballas and Primrose Everdeen! May the odds be ever in their favor!

Moving on… this week’s contemporary #(f)mcm is Levi from, as my title says, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I don’t think his last name was ever mentioned but please correct me if I’m wrong, I’d like to do him justice.fangirl

Levi is the definition and the absolute epitome of polite. He’s so polite, you’ll actually question his intentions because let’s face it … no one is ever that polite. Enter Levi. He smiles at strangers and always willing to strike a friendly conversation with the utmost sincerity.

He’s tall and blonde and while his hair might be receding, you’ll sooner find it endearing. He’s smart and has amazing memory! He’s a great listener and he’ll remember everything, even the little details you tell him — even when you don’t think he’s paying attention. He does something in the book that I don’t agree with but he’s still faithful and loyal to a fault. Before you know it, you’ll be forgiving and forgetting. He’s extroverted. He’s sincere. He’s funny. He’s sweet! He’ll take things slow if you want and won’t push it. He’s a farm boy and has 4 sisters, so you know that he knows how to treat a girl right!

Who’s your #(f)mcm?! Did you fancy Levi, too?


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