#(f)mcm: Josh Wasserstein


Continuing with fictional men from Contemporary novels, this week I introduce you to Joshua “Josh” Wasserstein. You can meet him in Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins but he’s overshadowed by Etienne St. Clair (he’s next week’s #(f)mcm, by the way). Josh, however, takes the spotlight in Isla and the Happily Ever After by the same author!


Josh is — one word– charming and lovable! You can’t help but fall for this cutie. He’s an artist *draw me like one of your french girls — I had to haha*. He’s really talented, even creating his own graphic book about his life! He’s the son of a senator, so naturally he’s rebellious ha.  He’ll reel you right in. Josh might be a bit confusing, hard to read, but what guy isn’t, right? He’s the typical guy and he makes mistakes but he knows how to make up for it!

Further than that, he’s super sweet and kind of romantic! He can make you laugh and before you know it, you’re falling for him … hard! So hard you’ll wish that you were Isla. What I really liked about Josh was that he reminded me so much of my current real life crush … especially that hard to read part! Back to Josh, remember I told you that he’s an artist? Well, he uses that talent of his to show you how much he loves you! He keeps to himself mostly so it’ll take some time for you to find out everything about him but it is totally worth it! Maybe he’ll trust you enough to let you read his graphic books of his life!

Who’s your #(f)mcm this week?



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