#(f)mcm: Maxon Schreave


Hello! Before I continue with this week’s #(f)mcm, I just want to warn you that there will be spoilers for The Selection Series by Kiera Cass! Read at your own risk because these won’t be minor spoilers!


Today I’ll introduce you to Maxon Calix Schreave or better known as Your Majesty or Your Royal Highness in Kiera Cass’s The Selection, The Elite, and The One. There is no book cover or book art to depict Maxon so I’m showing you who I pictured him as: Max Irons (I am in love with him, too!) By the way, I’m also very horrible with connecting actors/actresses to book characters based on their features.

max ironsWe meet Prince Maxon in The Selection and we get to his dynamic growth throughout the trilogy. We get a first class seat to his rise to become the King of Illea! Written in America’s point of view, we get a biased image of Maxon because America didn’t particularly care for him. But she tells us that he’s handsome, with honey blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes! He’s tall and muscular and looks like “summertime”.

Maxon is the epitome of a gentleman. He’s caring and sweet. He’s so adorable because he has no idea how to handle women! Before the Selection, he’s only met and hung out with one woman. He’s compassionate, gentle, funny, lighthearted, and honest. He loves photography and is very skilled at it, actually. He fights for America and protects her from his father, fully knowing that his father will give him an actual beating for it. He wants to change his country for the better, removing the terrible caste system in place. We end the series with him already laying down the groundworks to change that system. He’s not perfect but who is, right? He’s made his mistakes and he’s gotten extremely angry (once — and it was justified, I think), but I always found it easy to forgive this cutie!

Who’s your #(f)mcm? Tell me below in the comments section!


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