Bookish Ramblings: Back from Vacation

bookish ramblings

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope that you all enjoyed your weekend. It’s sad that it’s ending and that we’ll be facing another Monday. Anyway, I was out this weekend because of an impromptu vacation with my older sister and my brother-in-law. For his birthday, we went to Epcot in Orlando, Florida!


It was a lot of fun. It’s not your typical theme park. There wasn’t even that many rides. It was all food, baby! It was awesome … and very delicious. You can “travel” to different areas of the world. We visited Mexico, Morocco, Norway, France, Japan, China, UK, US (lol like we don’t know US), Canada, and Italy. We got to try different foods and see the lifestyles and hear a bit of their language.

I was in Orlando for the weekend, hence me not being able to post anything for the past few days. But I’m back! I missed my blog a lot and I can’t wait to post again! I wasn’t able to read much but I brought Lux: Beginnings (Obsidian and Onyx) by Jennifer L. Armentrout to reread during the trip. I absolutely love it! I got halfway through Obsidian and this time around, I am tagging my favorite parts/quotes — definitely the quotes cause Daemon’s got some memorable ones! I hope that you guys have a great weekend like me and good luck to this coming week!

Did you do anything or read anything exciting this past week? Share below on the comments 🙂



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  1. I’m about to do this right now. LOL

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