Ten Book Related Problems I Have

top ten tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme brought to us by the wonderful bloggers from The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is Ten Book Related Problems I Have (can be serious or fun)! I did some serious and some fun.

My Book Related Problems:


1. Buying too many books (reason #1): Of course, there’s no such thing as buying too many books but it is burning a hole through my wallet. I’m broke 90% of the time and 99% of that is caused by buying books. Book sales just get me and I have to buy!


2. Buying too many books (reason #2): This ties into reason #1. Too many books and not enough shelves. I have over 350 books in my tiny room and I’ve bought two shelves in the past year and yet I still don’t have enough shelves. Books are on my desk, on my headboard, on my cabinet, and who knows where else.


3. Not reading books that I already own: Out of all the books that I have, I’ve only read 40% of them. That means that I have yet to read more than half of my books. I can never get past 40% because I end up just buying new books to read.


4. People always ask why I bother to read: This is probably the most annoying thing ever. Or when they say “just watch the movie, it’s the same thing.” The best one I’ve gotten is “Why are you being antisocial? Stop reading!” Just no.


5. Just one more page/chapter: Yup! One more chapter ends up being the entire book. I can never just stop, especially if it’s such a good book. That means that I lose a lot of sleep. It’s better now that I’m out of school, though.


6. TBR: I always make To Be Read lists/pile but I never actually get through them. I always end up picking another book or series and forget about my TBR.


7. Skipping ahead/reading spoilers: I do these willingly! I know it’ll ruin it for me but I can’t help it!


8. Buying the same book over and over again: I have multiple copies of some of my books, especially my favorite ones.


9. Forgetting that I already bought that book: I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve bought a book, got home, and saw that I already had it. I end up just giving the extra copy away.


10. Packing too many books: Everywhere I go, I have book at hand. However, I end up packing one too many because I’m undecided. This is where eBooks shine but I don’t like reading electronically. My bag ends up being 5 pounds heavier!

What are some of your Book Related Problems?



21 thoughts on “Ten Book Related Problems I Have

  1. I buy too many and am in desperate need of more shelf space too. I also pack too many when I go someplace. Why I think I will need more than one book if I go to the doctor’s office, I’ll never know. If I have time to read one book, never mind two, while waiting for the doctor, I need to find someone else for my health care needs.

    Hope you’ll visit me today at http://thebookconnectionccm.blogspot.com/2015/02/top-ten-tuesday-ten-book-related.html


  2. I love your list. Number 2 looks like me and my piles!! I also hate when people say things like, “how do you find time to read? I just don’t have the time.” I feel like telling them, do you have time to breath? Because if you do, you can read. I have a friend that peeks at the end. I just can’t do it!! You are too funny.

    Come check out my list. I am also having my first give away.


  3. Bahahahaha! All of them except the forgetting I bought the book. I know all the books I have. Allll!!! But OMG so true. I have too many books that don’t fit on shelfs. I thought I had too little until I went to my room and opened some boxes. All full of books. About three books full of books. Crap.


  4. I hate it when I run out of shelf space! I’ve started to and I think I’m going to have to purge soon because I’m running out of room. 😦 I tend to go to the library and take out books to read when I really should just be reading the books that are on my shelves. Great list! 🙂 I’m a new follower-I love your blog!
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian


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