#(f)mcm: Dorian Havilliard


Okay, so this is my third week doing this feature of mine and I just can’t stop gushing about how much I love it. Most likely because I get to do an entire post just dedicated to beautiful and amazing men … that happen to be fictional (*cries*).

DorianPushing past that sad little detail, I’ll introduce you to my #(f)mcm, the Crown Prince of Adarlan. He goes by the name of Dorian Havilliard. Adarlan is the setting of the amazing Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas, where you meet Dorian. He’s got beautiful, sapphire blue eyes and black hair (sound familiar? haha I think I’m just in love with this combination). He’s got some amazing qualities to him, as well! He is very intelligent, eloquent, funny, laid back, and witty. He’s also charming, loyal, strong, and can definitely defend himself in a fight.

Throne of Glass

He’s very courageous, standing up and fighting for what he believes, even if it doesn’t sit well with his father, the king. He’s a ladies man and finds it easy to talk to with the opposite sex. Let’s face it, he’s a flirt but when he’s with Caelena, he only focuses on her. He isn’t married, or even betrothed, and I loved his reasoning. He said, in better words of course, that he doesn’t want to be married to someone who isn’t on the same level of intelligence as he is. He wants someone who can engage him, challenge his mind. Dorian loves reading, as well. You can find him in the library or in his dog kennel. Yes, he loves dogs! He even gives Caelena a dog, as well as book recommendations! Isn’t that just the cutest thing?!

Who’s your #(f)mcm?



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