Villain Round Up: Harry Potter

harry potter week

There’s a villain in every story. They may not be the in form of the most notorious evil wizard of all time but a villain nonetheless. So here, I present you with the villains that I despised the most in Harry Potter:

wormtailBellatrix Lestrange


Villains that I loathed in Harry Potter (in order):
  • Wormtail: I refuse to say his real name, he doesn’t deserve it. He’s a scum and a low life. He’s greedy and selfish and doesn’t have a spine. He committed the worst crime. He betrayed someone who trusted him completely and ruined a lot of lives because of it. He made a scapegoat of my favorite character and that doesn’t sit well with me!
  • Bellatrix Lestrange: She’s just a crazy b*tch. She’s sadistic and crazy. She loves torturing people and she craves the love and attention of one of the most vile person (?) in the world. She also killed my favorite character and yes, that doesn’t sit well with me either!
  • Dolores Umbridge: She’s another crazy, sociopathic sadist. I hate the pain and fear she inflicted upon students and that she loved the Slytherins. All she cared about was herself. She was power-hungry and honestly all that pink makes me want to throw up. I also hate her laugh, her stupid, creepy laugh.
  • Voldemort: Do I even need to explain? A lot of lives, a lot of good people, were lost because of him and his pure blood ideals. What I hate more than Voldemort, though, are his followers, especially those who follow him because of fear.
  • The Malfoy Family: They are the worst family that I have ever read about. They think so much of themselves and they will you know when they think you are beneath them. Lucius and Draco are worse than Narcissa and they enjoy bullying others and making them feel badly about themselves. The only redeemable quality about them is that they do love each other.

Who did you hate in Harry Potter? Who bothered you the most? The villains were probably the most fun to write about haha



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