#(f)mcm: Will Herondale


(Fictional) Man Crush Monday is probably my favorite feature that I have. #(f)mcm is pretty self-explanatory, just like the regular #mcm but with a bookish twist.


So for my first #(f)mcm ever, I decided to dedicate it to my number one fictional male character. His name is William Owen Herondale (Gwilym Owain Herondale in Welsh). Yes! That’s right, he’s Welsh.


You can read about him in Cassandra Clare’s The Infernal Devices Trilogy: Clockwork Angel, Clockwork Princeand Clockwork Princess. In this world, Will is a shadowhunter, a human born with angel blood. He’s stronger and faster than your average human and fights the evils of this world (demons, rogue vampires, faeries, and werewolves). He’s also witty, sarcastic, dramatic, intelligent, self-sacrificing, loving, and most importantly, he loves books! He doesn’t just love books, he adores them, quotes them, reads them to you! He even makes up his own poetry (ridiculous poetry but hilarious). That’s the dream boyfriend!

Did I also mention that he’s tall and handsome? With gorgeous blue eyes, deep like the sea, and jet black hair, he’s bound to make every girl swoon after him. Now here’s a fair warning, you might not like him too much in Clockwork Angel but keep reading the trilogy and I promise you, you will love him! Maybe not as much as I do, but you’ll love him nonetheless.


By the end of the trilogy, you will pretty much be reduced to a pile of tears because of Will Herondale but you won’t regret it. I certainly don’t and to be honest, Will Herondale will always be my (fictional) man crush Monday, every Monday and everyday! BUT, I will give the other fictional men a chance! Good thing there’s a lot of them to choose from! Do you love Will Herondale, too? Who’s your #(f)mcm?


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4 Responses to #(f)mcm: Will Herondale

  1. I was LOL’ing the entire time. You know who I picked cause I told you. I wrote waaaay less than you lol but yay will herondale! Let’s have a double wedding. Will won’t see Adrian as a downworlder. And Adrian would totally be good friends with Magnus if you think about it haha


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